Christi Spicuzza Suspect Calvin Crew Arrested For Murder, Uber Driver Death Raises Concern For Overall Safety


“I beseech you; I have four children.” These were some of Christi Spicuzza’s final words to the one who killed her. She was absent since February 10, when police found her body two days after the fact.

The killer has been captured. Furthermore, here are the subtleties of the occurrence.

Who Is Calvin Crew From Penn Hills Pittsburgh? Calvin Crew of Penn Hills, Pittsburgh, is the killer of Christi Spicuzza. Further subtleties on him are yet to be disclosed.

Christina, aka”Christi” Marto Spicuzza of Turtle Creek, vanished on Thursday, February 10. Her family answered to Turtle Creek Police on Friday. They said she didn’t get back subsequent to getting Uber admissions the other day.

They likewise posted the message about her vanishing via web-based media. Notwithstanding, on Saturday morning, Pitcairn police found her vehicle close to fourth Street, just a short time before her carcass was found in Monroeville.

The individual who saw the dead body was stunned. He said that he never expected to find out about being a body unloaded into the forest.

The specialists sent their contemplations and supplications to the family. What’s more a GoFundMe has been set up for her significant other and kids as memorial service costs.

Suspect Calvin Crew Arrested In Christi Spicuzza Murder The suspect, Calvin Crew, has been captured in Christi Spicuzza’s homicide. Soon after observing her carcass, the police reached Uber to assist with the examination.

Uber consented to furnish specialists with GPS organizes, course data, and particulars, for example, who she got that evening.

In light of the information, Uber was doled out to a home on Brinton Road in Pitcairn for Crew at 9:15 p.m. on Thursday. The client requested an excursion to Penn Hills’ Deram Drive.

Officials in Penn Hills found Spicuzza’s missing scramble camera. As indicated by the claim, he held a weapon to the rear of Spicuzza’s head around 10 minutes subsequent to getting in the Uber, requesting “all her driving.”

She let him know that she had a family attempting to request that he leave her. Nonetheless, he likewise reacted, saying he had a family as well. Police likewise found that few money applications of the casualty were gotten to.

They passed through a few areas and afterward headed to Monroeville, where he shot her despite the fact that she beseeched him not to for her kids.

What Are The Charges On Calvin Crew? Calvin Crew comes up against the indictments of crime, altering proof, and burglary. He was taken guardianship in Penn Hills around 7 p.m. Thursday.

Specialists said he was taken to the Allegheny County Jail to anticipate arraignment.