Christine Lee Death Cause & Obituary -What Happened To Her? Details To Know


Christine Silawan was ruthlessly killed two years prior. She was found uncovered starting from the waist, with cut injuries all around her body.

As per the request, Christine Silawan was wounded to no end and was doubtlessly assaulted. She died because of many cut injuries all through her body.

Christine Lee, a 16-year-old young lady from Cebu, Philippines, functioned as a congregation gatherer. Police found her in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, with a sum of nine protective injuries and 20 blade wounds.

A dissection showed that her tongue, windpipe, areas of her neck, right ears, and throat were absent.

A big part of Christine’s face was stripped to the skull, obliterating her appearance. As per Superintendent Benjamin Lara, the potential that a scathing material was utilized to skin half of the casualty’s face hasn’t been precluded at this point.

Silawan’s skin was singed on her brow, eyes, and neck after the speculate sprinkled corrosive all over. Since she had ligature marks to her left side wrist and neck, she was stifled with a one-centimeter rope.

Tragically, there was no authentic Obituary for Christine Lee on the web.

Christine Silawan’s passing photographs are to the point of being unrecognizable, with many cut injuries.

As indicated by KAMI, Christine’s bones were reviewed by, a that specialist she was feeling the loss of various interior organs.

At the point when she was recuperated dead in Cebu, the young lady’s face had been stripped off. Specialists are as yet looking for the killers of the horrible wrongdoing.

The instance of Maguad Siblings additionally occurred in the Philippines, where two youthful young people who were carrying on with glad life were killed by a young lady they had welcomed into their home.

Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad, 18, and her 16-year-old brother were ruthlessly killed in their M’lang home days before Christmas, as indicated by the suspect. While their folks were away, the kin were killed.

Both Maguad kin were seen as wounded to no end in their own home at 2 p.m. on the tenth of December after three people burst into their homes and assaulted them.

Janice was the last one standing, having figured out how to escape and stow away in one of the rooms. Rather than calling for help, he picked to make a Facebook post with regards to the supposed assault.

As indicated by netizens, numerous Filipinos have contrasted the present circumstance with the film ‘Vagrant,’ which is peculiar and unpleasant.