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Christopher Abeyta was a child kid who was kidnapped from his lodging over 30 years prior.

Christopher was captured on the morning of July 15, 1986, at around 12:30 a.m.

The missing kid’s dad died as of late, and there are still no replies with respect to what befell Christopher Abeyta.

Christopher’s dad Gil Abeyta died of a respiratory failure.

No, Christopher Abeyta was rarely found.

Over thirty years have passed by since a Colorado child was hijacked from his lodging, yet the case stays inexplicable.

Three people approached in 2018, each accepting that they were Christopher.

In any case, DNA testing in February 2019 uncovered that none of them were him.

The first suspects were Gil and Bernice. Before Cristopher’s kidnapping, they were having conjugal issues.

They had recently separated yet were presently rejoining. On that very night when Gil showed up at the family home, Cristopher was abducted.

Bernice was viewed to be liable subsequent to bombing two polygraph tests. They have, all things considered, kept up with their blamelessness.

Christopher’s family accepts his hijacker was a woman who had a relationship with Gil.

She has a background marked by break-ins, as per reports. Nonetheless, she has not been assigned a suspect by the police.

The lost kid’s dad died in the year 2020, and there are still no replies with respect to what befell Christopher Abeyta.

Cristopher’s mom Bernice, likewise died in 2017 from disease.

Their withering desire was to see Cristopher, yet this expectation was not satisfied.

Christopher Abeyta had strong and awesome guardians.

His folks were Gil Abeyta and Bernice Abeyta.

Christopher Abeyta is the most youthful of seven kids born to Gil and Bernice Abeyta.

They resided in a home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His folks, then again, have both died.

Christopher’s dad died of a respiratory failure in 2020, while his mom died of disease in 2017.