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As of late, a lady was observed dead in her home in Houston Texas and the just would on her body was a gunfire precisely at her head.

At first considered as a deed of an interloper, the case changed in light of the fact that nothing was detracted from the house and the main misfortune was of her life.

She was a hitched lady and she was hitched to her better half Christopher Collins and they were living respectively in that house for quite some time.

At the point when examinations began continuing and more quests occurred, the dabs associated with clarify that she was killed by her own better half.

Furthermore, what makes it clear is the way that they just endorsed for a $250,000 protection for herself and she died only 2 days after it.

Besides, concerns with respect to his capture, the entire episode, popular assessment, declarations, and related issues are at their top on the web.

Christopher Collins is an American man who was a previous military veteran.

He is presently resigned and after his retirement, he had been living in Houston, Texas, for a long while, 8 years really.

He was a hitched man who was living with his better half, yet there are still no insights regarding any of his youngsters.

To be sure, he clearly didn’t have a youngster in view of the relative multitude of conversations of his case as of late. there isn’t anything about a potential kid.

Indeed, we do realize that he served in the US military, however there are no subtleties of what position he had for sure he precisely did in those years.

What individuals know now and are outright is the way that he is a sentenced criminal who killed his own significant other.

Christopher Collins was hitched to his better half Yuan Hua Liang for a long time.

Notwithstanding, Yuan is no more and the individual who ought to have been generally impacted by this news was the very individual who prompted her passing.

Talking explicitly, as referenced prior, Christopher and Yuan had recently finished paperwork for disaster protection which is valued at $250,000. Furthermore, only 2 days after this, Yuan died.

When researched, it was uncovered that Christopher shot his significant other to no end and it is doubtlessly for getting the protection cash.

Things were not this unmistakable as far as proof, but rather when the police found a weapon in Christopher’s ownership with the very projectile that eliminated Yuan, things got completely clear.

He was then captured, and isn’t in police guardianship, and is set at a bail of $150,000, and still is in prison.

He was set to be in his first court appearance yet he said he had psychological well-being issues and the date was delayed.

The age of the sentenced criminal Christopher Collins is 41 years of age.

All things considered, his precise date of birth isn’t uncovered at this point, however according to what we see in various authority sources and stages, he is 41 years of age now.