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Ciera Harp girl saw her dad Rahim Grant die before her. His homicide recording video disclosures completely exposed the case. Ciera Harp, 29, will spend the remainder of her life in the slammer for shooting and killing her child daddy, Rahim Grant. She was condemned to 125 years in June 2019.

Harp was a 24-year-old dance club advertiser when she met rapper, Rahim Grant. Allegedly, Ciara was pregnant with Rahim’s child soon after two months of meeting. Ciera Harp killed her child daddy Rahim Grant before her little girl.

She at first told police that she shot Rahim in self-protection after he assaulted her with a blade, however the account video found in Rahim’s phone demonstrated something else, according to the source.

Luckily, Rahim had caught video film of himself being shot by Harp before their girl. The recording goes on for a few minutes, and Rahim can be heard asking Harp for water and requesting to embrace his little girl.

Besides, Harp is heard in the video saying that she couldn’t care less in the event that she spends the remainder of her life in prison in the wake of killing Rahim. Rahim Grant sweetheart, Ciera Harp is in the slammer at Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, Georgia.

Ciera was seen as liable of killing Rahim on May 22, 2019. What’s more, she was sentenced on five checks of irritated attack and one tally every one of murder and ownership of a gun during a wrongdoing.

Harp’s mom, Adrienne Thurmond, additionally had unforgiving words for her little girl during her preliminary procedures. She told the court that her girl Harp was a manipulative liar and proposed cleaning her so she was unable to have additional kids.

Rahim Grant murder case has effectively been shut as Ciera was declared liable in 2019. The case, which was believed to be a consequence of self-protection, ended up being a wanton homicide, and Harp was condemned to 125 years in prison.

Moreover, Investigation Discovery’s “Dangerous Women: polluted Love” depicts Rahim’s dead on account of Ciera as one of three terrible demonstrations of brutality that are highlighted on th show.