Coal smuggling scam: Calcutta HC rules out parallel probe by CID West Bengal


Kolkata, Sep 27 (IANS) A solitary adjudicator seat of the Calcutta High Court on Tuesday precluded the necessity of any equal test by the Criminal Examination Division (CID) of West Bengal police in the multi-crore coal pirating case in the state.

Calcutta High Court’s single-judge seat of Equity Rajasekhar Mantha saw that when the Focal Department of Examination (CBI) was at that point testing the coal carrying case, an equal test by the CID-West Bengal regarding this situation was superfluous. Equity Mantha additionally saw that assuming CID gets any different hint with regards to this issue, it could give something very similar to the researching group of CBI.

Equity Mantha condemned a request documented by BJP pioneer from Asansol, Jitendra Tiwari testing a bring from CID regarding this situation. In his request, he raised a similar point on legitimization of the equal CID test in the coal carrying trick when CBI was examining the matter.

Equity Mantha likewise remained CID from sending summons to Tiwari in this association and saw that the solicitor can’t be called as observer in that frame of mind by the state organization.

Tiwari is the previous Trinamool Congress MLA from Pandaveswar gathering body electorate in West Midnapore area from 2016 to 2021 and furthermore the city chairman of the Trinamool Congress Asansol Civil Enterprise. Nonetheless, before the 2021 West Bengal gathering surveys, he left the state’s decision party and joined BJP.

On September 10, he got a notification from the CID-West Bengal requesting that he be available for addressing at the state police central command in Kolkata. He tested that bring at the Calcutta High Court, where his guidance, Pratik Dhar affirmed that the CID call was conveyed of political feud since no place in the FIR on the coal carrying trick his client was named as a charged.

Authorization Directorate (ED) detectives have proactively addressed Trinamool Congress’ public general secretary and party Lok Sabha part, Abhishek Banerjee threefold regarding this situation. Abhishek’s significant other, Rujira Narula Banerjee and sister by marriage, Maneka Gambhir have additionally been addressed by ED detectives in this association.