Connecticut Man Who Vanished a Decade Ago Found Dead After Living Under New Name in New York


A man who vanished from Connecticut almost 10 years prior was found dead in New York under where he had been residing under another name.

Robert Hoagland was accounted for missing in Newtown, Conn. on July 29, 2013, after he neglected to get a relative from the air terminal and didn’t appear for work, per NBC News.

His vehicles, wallet, cellphone and drug were completely tracked down gone out, and police detailed that he was last spotted at a service station in the town. His vanishing sent off a high-profile cross country examination, with individuals from around the U.S. revealing sightings of him, and he was even included on the Examination Revelation show Vanished.

Nobody realized what befell Hoagland until this week when the Sheriff’s Specialization in Sullivan Province, New York found him dead at a home in Rock Slope.

He had been going under the pen name Lord at that point, as per New Shelter news station WTNH News 8.

The sheriff’s specialty experienced difficulty recognizing the man from the start until they found reports in his home connecting him to the name Robert Hoagland.

It worked with w investigators to affirm that Richard Ruler and Robert Hoagland were a similar man, per Newtown Observer News 3.

Police said Hoagland had been living in Sullivan District disguising under the new name since around November 2013.

There were no indications of treachery nor a criminal perspective at the scene, as per the Sullivan Region Sheriff’s specialization, yet his body has been shipped off the Sullivan Province Coroner for a dissection to decide his reason for death. The man’s child, Christopher Hoagland, told NBC News the family is as yet handling what occurred.

“It’s really confounding,” he said. “We’re attempting to deal with it right now frankly. Haven’t exactly sorted out any subtleties.”

He added that he had no clue about why Hoagland chose to leave Connecticut without telling anybody and take on another name.