Corrina Woodhull GoFundMe: Fundraiser launched as woman stabbed by husband during Minnesota bible study


On Tuesday, Walk 21, 2023, Minnesota lady Corrina Woodhull was cut to death by her significant other during book of scriptures study. The review was allegedly being facilitated by the aggressor’s sister at her home. Directly following her demise, the casualty’s companion sent off a GoFundMe to deliver monetary help to Corrina Woodhull’s five youngsters, who lost their mom to an unfortunate occurrence.

Woodhull’s GoFundMe, which has raised more than $6000, portrayed the Minnesota mother-of-five as an aggressive behavior at home casualty, who, according to the page, had an enthusiasm to help other people with substance misuse issues and survivors of homegrown maltreatment and viciousness.

The page expressed that Corrina Woodhull, 41, went through her days chipping in various non-benefits, including Metro Trust Services, FreedomWorks Reemergence and Aftercare, and Against the Chances Services.

On Thursday, Walk 23, 2023, Corrina Woodhull’s significant other, Robert Castillo, 40, was accused of second-degree deliberate homicide for wounding his better half multiple times during book of scriptures study.

According to KSTP, specialists were purportedly called to a home on reports of a cutting in the 1000 block of Maryland Road East at around 9 pm when they viewed as the suspect, being truly controlled by a few group after he cut his better half.

As per court archives, Castillo’s sister let officials know that the suspect and the person in question, who showed up at her home for book of scriptures study, were perched on the lounge chair when the suspect murmured something into Corrina Woodhull’s ear before she shook her head.

The suspect then purportedly taken out a hunting blade and cut Corinna Woodhull multiple times before individuals had the option to drag him away. Corinna was taken to a clinic where she capitulated to the wounds.

The police expressed that after Castillo was arrested, he asked the officials, Notwithstanding, he would not converse with the specialists without the presence of his legal counselor.

Court reports expressed that Castillo, who didn’t reveal the rationale behind the killing, let the specialists know that he would have rather not talked about the occurrence yet admitted that he and his better half were done living respectively. In the report, specialists expressed:

“Castillo said he and (his significant other) had been lawfully hitched for several years, and they lived respectively in Brilliant Valley until about a month prior.”
They added:

“At the point when inquired as to why they as of now not lived respectively, Castillo said he would have rather not discussed that, and he needed his lawyer present when they talked. The meeting finished minus any additional scrutinizing.”

Specialists expressed that after Castillo was educated regarding his better half’s passing, he said: Castillo, who has an extended crook record, remembering charges of abusive behavior at home for a past occurrence, stays in care after his bail was set at $5 million without any circumstances.