Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Says He Faces Possible Fine for Blind Referee Halloween Costume

Jerry Jones is facing a potential fine for his Halloween outfit, after the Dallas Cattle rustlers proprietor spruced up as a NFL ref who is inferred to be blind.

Jones, 80, was photographed in the outfit throughout the end of the week, which included a black and white striped shirt and large intelligent sunglasses, along with a cane.

The image then made its way onto social media. National Federation of the Blind Head of Advertising Chris Danielsen told Individuals on Thursday that the outfit “plays on the generalization that blind individuals are generally incompetent because of our lack of visual perception.”

Added Danielsen, “That general generalization, in turn, restricts our chances for business and for participation in the public arena.

This is not only an issue of an apparent issue; statistics routinely confirm that blind individuals have a joblessness rate of somewhere in the range of 60 and 70%.

This is not because we are unemployable, but since an excessive number of bosses actually internalize low expectations and generalizations about us.”

While talking to TMZ, Danielsen said Jones ought to be more smart since there are allies of his team who are blind. “He has blind Cattle rustlers fans,” Danielsen told TMZ.

“They appear at games and put on headsets or listen on the radio. It very well might be something for him to think about.”

Speaking with Sports Illustrated about the outfit decision, Jones said Tuesday, “I’m being exceptionally careful here because I’m getting real near a fine.

It shows the amount I love them to take on the appearance of them … the amount I regard their decision-making. I had the cane and everything. And I utilized it on certain individuals, as well.”

Tongue in cheek or not, the NFL has explicit guidelines, as refered to by the Business visionary, concerning criticisms of refs from within the league

. A 2019 reminder stated in part that “posting negative or derogatory/demeaning content pertaining to officiating on social media” was not acceptable.

A representative for the NFL declined remark to Individuals on the situation.