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Naval force Seal Craig Miller was the Special Operator First Class at Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 7 alongside Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher. Gallagher confronted atrocities yet later argued not blameworthy.

Previous President Donald Trump not just overturned the tactical code of equity to shield Chief Gallagher from the discipline yet he additionally welcomed Gallagher to different energizes and was named most prominent warrior as indicated by The New York Times.

Allow us to find out about what befell Navy Seal Craig Miller and investigate where is he now. Naval force Seal Craig Miller was one of the great observers in Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher’s conflict murder case.

He was available in Mosul, Iraq on May 3, 2017, and was under order of Edward when he cut an injured ISIS during his treatment in Seal’s compound.

Mill operator clarified in the court, “Gallagher started surveying the contender’s injuries (after the warrior was brought to Seal’s compound). At the point when he put squeeze on the man’s leg, the warrior raised himself up, apparently in torment, and shouted.” He added “I continued to walk and I saw him wound the detainee in the neck. as per Task and Purpose.

Data concerning what befallen Miller after the meeting and as of late has not risen to the top yet. Data about his later days has not surfaced on the web at this point however we are searching for the data as you read this article.

The response to the inquiry, where is Craig Miller now? has not risen to the top yet. He has not shared his whereabouts to the overall population or on the web yet, indeed, the data about in case he is as yet serving the nation as a Navy Seal or has resigned from his obligation is additionally not satisfactory.

Mill operator’s confirmed online media accounts are likewise not accessible on the web at this point, he doesn’t appear to utilize any computerized stages under his name or he might have kept stowed away from the overall population.

Craig Miller’s genuine age isn’t accessible on the web at this point. Truth be told, making surmise about his age is beyond the realm of possibilities as there is no information or data accessible on the web to affirm.

He has not uncovered his real date of birth or his birthday on the web also. He is by all accounts an exceptionally baffling individual or could be holding his subtleties hid because of the touchy idea of his work.

Craig Miller’s photos are not accessible on Reddit yet. However, we can track down his gathering photograph on Facebook, Miller is considered crying to be he models for the picture after his officer killed a teenaged ISIS detainee.

Mill operator’s pictures are extremely scanty on the web as he has not shared a lot and news and media have been not able to cover him enough.