Crime: Amber Elkins Murder: Where Is James David Clarke Now? Why Was She Killed?


Golden Chantel Elkins who was otherwise called the name Amber Elkis from Humble, Texas died on July 31, 2011. In this way, her body was found Sunday in a lush region along Gene Campbell Road in Montgomery County.

According to the source, it comes to realize that she has a 9-month-old little girl as will who is presently growing up without her mom. “Troublesome, enthusiastic, difficult day for the family, however they must be hanging around for their little girl Amber also.

In like manner, her family and well-wishers certainly needed to see the individual that is blamed for ending her life, face to face, beside wrongdoing casualties advocate Andy Kahan.

This wrongdoing was on July 31, 2011, when Amber Elkins was viewed as dead. In this way, the day after Amber vanished she should show up in court to finish administrative work.

Without a doubt Amber Elkins was in a caring relationship with a kid named J.D. Clarke. Additionally, the couple had 9 months of child girl too.

Nonetheless, the occurrence was so bizarre and frightening also on the grounds that the dependable individual transforms into a devil around then, and that implies her beau Clarke killed Amber.

As per examiners, the last individual to hear from Amber, by implication, was her mom however a period later Clarke replied and hung up on her call also.

Besides, agents followed Clarke’s mobile phone to the region where a body was found throughout the end of the week also.

James David Clarke was brought to jail at the hour of the homicide. Be that as it may, there is no data on where is he precisely right now.

As per the report, police said that James David Clarke who was 31 years old around then was accused of the homicide for the situation and set up for the Harris County Jail.

After that news, Amber’s family said that the stunning news is that Clarks the sweetheart of Amber isn’t the organic dad of the kids up to this point.

After all the examination all criminal investigators later said it seemed Amber was the survivor of injustice at that point.

After a long examination and all Amber Elkins was killed on account of a few private matters which she and her sweetheart had in the middle. Notwithstanding, the specific explanation hasn’t been uncovered at this point.

Despite the fact that she was killed by her sweetheart James David Clarke. Additionally, police have captured Clarke on the charge of the homicide case.