Critter Fixers Country Vets Host Dr Vernard Hodges Has A Lovely Family With A Wife and Son VJ

Dr. Vernard Hodges spouse and their child Vernard Hodges II make a beautiful family. Hodges stars in the Public Geographic show Critter Fixers: Nation Vets.

Dr. Hodges is a veterinarian specialist and a television character. He co-has Critter Fixers: Nation Vets close by his colleague Terrence Ferguson.

The show including the two vet specialists follows their excursion as they work on settling exceptional cases experienced consistently. It debuted in the US on Walk 7, 2020, and is presently in its fifth season.

Critter Fixers season five was delivered as of late on April 8, 2023. The principal episode named “That is A Moray!” highlighted the specialists playing out a C-segment on a snake and working on an eel.

Hodges works at the Critter Fixers Veterinarian Emergency clinic situated in Bonaire, Georgia. Hodges and Ferguson laid out the emergency clinic in 1999.

Vernard went to Tuskegee College and graduated with a Specialist of Medication (DVM) degree in 1997. He likewise has a four year certification in scientific studies certification in Fisheries Science.

Similarly, Hodges is the writer of a smash hit book named Bet On Yourself: From Zero to Millions. The book covers his poverty to newfound wealth story and his life battles of growing up down and out.

The Family Country has additionally covered the account of popular Nat Geo characters including Lisa Ling, Chip Hailstone and Ricko Dewilde. Vernard Hodge has a little and cheerful family with his accomplice in Georgia. Mrs. Hodge carries on with a serene life away from the spotlight.

The vet demands staying quiet about things encompassing his accomplice and their relationship. While numerous informal sources notice his friend’s name to be Kimberly Hodges, it is by all accounts disarray that emerged from his veterinarian accomplice Terrence’s marriage.

A 2014 graduated class profile on Post Valley Express College’s true site recommends that Hodges was cheerfully hitched however didn’t uncover his buddy’s character. In the interim, a report on regardless of whether he actually lives with his accomplice still needs to be distributed by the college.

Indeed, the co-hosts of The Critter Fixers are both hitched. The two stars carry on with isolated conjugal lives with their particular accomplices.

Dr. Vernard’s co-star Terrence Ferguson lives in Georgia with his significant other Kimberly Ferguson. Terrence likewise has two kids: a child named Terrence Jr, and a girl named Terri Nicole.

Both of Terrence’s children went to Peach District Secondary School. Terrence Jr. right now plays football as a hostile line for the College of Alabama.

Dr Vernard Hodges family incorporates his mom and stepfather other than his wedded life. The vet was raised by his mother as a solitary parent.

Vernard was born in Norwalk, Connecticut however moved to Stronghold Valley, Georgia, not long after his introduction to the world. Growing up, he never met his dad.

Hodges thinks about his mom the best motivation in his life. He once referenced that his mom functioned as an instructor yet she resigned quite a while back.

After his folks isolated, Hodges’ mother got hitched to a Japanese man, who turned into a caring figure to the vet. He consistently thanks his mother and stepdad for not allowing him to get derailed his vocation objectives.

As per Macon, Vernard grew up poor and frequently balanced out on some unacceptable part of town. He had a closest companion named Marvin, who exchanged unlawful substances. After Marvin was in the long run captured by the police and shipped off jail, Vernard chose to welcome his life in the groove again.

Hodges flopped in the 10th grade and had to go to summer school to be elevated to the 10th grade. He ultimately moved on from Peach District Secondary School in 1988.

The veterinarian turned into a fish scholar subsequent to going to Stronghold Valley State College. He later accepted his Primary care physician of Veterinary Medication (DVM) from Tuskegee College School of Veterinary Medication in 1988.

Dr. Hodges child Vernard Hodges II is a yearning veterinarian. Hodges II is seeking after a DVM degree at Morehouse School in Atalanta, Georgia.

VJ finished secondary school with an ideal GPA score of 4. Subsequent to graduating secondary school, he was offered a full grant by 12 colleges. Notwithstanding, the future vet decided to stay in his home state.

Vernard II is emulating his dad’s example and joined Morehouse School to achieve a Specialist of Veterinary Medication (DVM) degree. The 18-year-old has routinely worked under his dad, so he previously had a fundamental thought of how the veterinarian business functioned prior to going to school.

In addition, VJ has likewise routinely showed up in his father’s television series Critter Fixers: Nation Vets. Be that as it may, the Nat Geo clinical series isn’t his most memorable television appearance.

During the early long periods of his profession, Dr. Vernard and VJ were routinely highlighted in an end of the week fragment coordinated by Georgia’s nearby news channel 13 WMAZ.

Moreover, VJ is an exceptionally skilled person who was remembered for the talented program during his school years.

Vernard II was the victor of the region spelling honey bee in 2013. In like manner, he additionally turned into a piece of the discussion group in the wake of joining Morehouse School.

VJ stays under the radar and for the most part stays out of the media spotlight. He isn’t via online entertainment stages like Instagram or Facebook.