Cubana Chief Priest has taken a swipe at the hardship of Nigerians

VIP barman and socialite Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu otherwise called Cubana Boss Minister has ripped into the difficulty Nigerians are as of now encountering because of terrible administration and poor financial techniques.

The money manager in a post on Instagram mourned about the conversion standard of the American dollar to the Nigerian Naira. he further noticed that everybody is going through a great deal of difficulty yet claiming to be fine.

He composed: 745 Naira = 1 Dollar, we as a whole are imagining, everyone for this Naija is going through a ton. Everyone just dey bundle. Stop the charging, E no simple for everyone.

Netizens respond

Netizens who responded to Cubana Boss Preist’s post concurred with him that things are to be sure hard in the country, particularly with the flood in the exchage rate.

One mummy sam composed: I cleared merchandise today at 763

Call me Chigo composed: Certain individuals actually get more than others. Stretch out to other people in the event that you have. Such countless individuals are managing a great deal.

Essien composed: On the off chance that you have in some measure a little to save actually give. Everybody is going through it also certain individuals’ own is more terrible than that.

Nike composed: It’s how individuals are not whining imagining all is great for me!!

Sweetylyx composed: Even the Rich are going through a ton not to discuss the people who don’t have

Kemi Finali News reviews that Cubana Boss Cleric was thrilled over Davido and Chioma’s compromise.

The Cubana club proprietor who has been a glad ally of the couple, took to his Instagram page to petition God for them. He petitioned God for the couple to invite one more kid one year from now.

While hailing Chioma, Cubana Boss Minister dissed Sophia Momodu, the artist’s most memorable child mother who unfollowed him days back.

Deriding Sophia, he boasted that Davido and Chioma’s relationship is ‘sweeting’ certain individuals and “painting” others. There is no question that he is alluding to Sophia, who seriously don’t really like the couple.

“I dey exceptionally certain say my sister @thechefchi go born one more Pikin one year from now for @davido #Vision2023. Confirmation 2:0 %… . As E dey sweet us e go dey torment dem. 002 My sister excessively fine. No Super”.

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