“Cue sobbing public apology”: Jamie Lynn Scott University of South Carolina racist video goes viral


Web-based entertainment powerhouse Jamie Lynn Scott has circulated around the web online after she was uncovered for her bigoted tirade. The claimed collegegoer, who professed to be a College of South Carolina understudy more than once utilized the N-word against Individuals of color in the 5 Focuses area of Columbia, South Carolina. Netizens have since taken to the web to put the adolescent on impact.

In the video, which was transferred by TikTok client @samvc213, Jamie Lynn can heard say “f**k that fat n**ga.” When asked what her name was, she quickly answered by saying-“it’s Jamie. Jamie Lynn, if you need to know child!” When addressed in the video whether she was attending a university, she answered by saying-“USC, child!” Lynn proceeded to ask the lady recording the video about the number of devotees she that had.


In the following part of the video, Lynn is seen over and over utilizing the N-word against a man. Lynn continues to consider a Person of color a “Dark b***h” in the following fragment of the video. Eventually, the powerhouse can be heard saying over and over that she adores “clout.”

The TikTok video was examined by individual content maker TizzyEnt who is known online for uncovering bigoted individuals. Talking about Lynn in his video, TizzyEnt snidely said:

“I feel terrible for her since she… loves clout yet she was worried about the possibility that that she won’t get much from them. She asked them the number of devotees they that have and I don’t think she was dazzled in light of the fact that she truly needs clout. So uplifting news Jamie, I believe I will have an adequate number of devotees to take care of you.”

TizzyEnt proceeded to uncover his multi-million adherent rely via virtual entertainment stages. He additionally uncovered Lynn’s Snapchat and Instagram username in his video, which would prompt netizens spamming her records with savaging.

Web clients were frightened by the video. Many tirelessly dissed the supposed school participants and noticed that she would be considered responsible for her activities. A couple of remarks online read:

After the TikTok video started graining footing via web-based entertainment, many provoked USC to answer their alleged understudy partaking in a bigoted discourse. The instructive establishment took to their authority Twitter account and uncovered that Lynn was not a USC understudy. Their tweet read:

“Much thanks to you for drawing this out into the open. We have no record of this individual truly being enlisted as an understudy at the College of South Carolina.”

At the hour of composing this article, it stays obscure which school Lynn joins in or joined in. Twitter client Coconut_Bree guaranteed that Lynn is an understudy at Focal Carolina Specialized School. A few other netizens have expressed the equivalent on the web. Be that as it may, this stays unsubstantiated by true sources.

Jamie Lynn Scott has aggregated 19.4k devotees on her authority Instagram account. She has generally transferred pictures of herself flaunting her constitution and party experiences. Her foundation bio read-“ˏˋ⋆he>i⋆ˊˎ this is my main record!”