DaBaby Raps He Slept With Megan Thee Stallion Before Tory Incident, 50 Cent Reacts

DaBaby dropped another venture and made Megan You Steed an essential objective procuring a response from 50 Penny.

DaBaby is standing out enough to be noticed to his profession with his new melody “Boogeyman,” which asserts that he laid down with Megan You Steed before she was purportedly shot by Conservative Lanez in 2020. The tune, delivered almost immediately Friday, highlights on the rapper’s new 14-melody LP, ‘Child on Child 2’.


The melody likewise namedrops Conservative Lanez and by implication references the shooting occurrence.

“You play with me that poop was adolescent/The day leading up to when she said that Conservative Lanez shot her, I was fuckin on Megan You Steed,” DaBaby raps.

Megan You Steed was purportedly shot by Conservative Lanez in Los Angeles on July 12, 2020. The North Carolina rapper likewise took a hit at Megan’s ongoing sweetheart, Pardison Fontaine, with whom he recently had a volatile in June 2021 after DaBaby had reposted highlighted on a tune with Lanez “Skat.”

“Stood by to say that sh** on my next collection, Hit it the day preceding as well, However I kept it player, I ain’t say nothing ‘session it, Had her nice kid, sweetheart tweeting me, prepared to die ‘session the b***h like a defeatist, I told you ni*** don’t play, presently you gone need to deal with me, I jabbed the mutha**** bear, I’m a creature,” he raps.

Last year, Pardison had gotten down on DaBaby for teaming up with Conservative, who is having to deal with lawful offense attack penalties.

The Charlotte rapper gave a harsh reaction on Twitter after Pardi called him a jokester. Meanwhile, there was quick reaction for DaBaby via web-based entertainment.

“Dababy can rap anything he desire about Megan on that collection we actually aint gone pay attention to it LMAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” one individual said on Twitter.

“This man doing anything for clout,” one said while one more added, “Assuming you tumbling off say that.”

“Tumbled off so hard he vanished from announcement outlines,” one more said.Neither Megan nor Pardi has answered the melody.

Then again, DaBaby isn’t upset by pundits and, surprisingly, seemed to deride the people who said his profession had decreased in the beyond couple of months.

50 Penny is among the high profile rappers who are responding to what DaBaby said in the new tune.

“Anyone seen the boogie man since i’m a need to hear this sh** at the present time,” a staggered 50 Penny composed on IG.

A day prior to he delivered the new collection, DaBaby shared a message on Instagram about his inescapable rebound to music after certain fans blamed him for tumbling off.

At that point, he didn’t declared the venture so it came as somewhat of a shock bound with debates.