Dalai Lama apologizes after kissing young boy on the lips, telling him to suck his tongue

Dalai Lama purportedly acted improperly with a kid
He has no has released a proclamation communicating his expression of remorse
The occurrence occurred India’s city of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

The otherworldly head of Tibet has apologized after an unseemly video showing him kissing a youth on the lips and telling him to “suck his tongue” created contention on Sunday.


Dalai Lama’s group has now put out an expression of remorse.

“A video cut has been circling that shows a new gathering when a young man inquired as to whether he could give him an embrace. His Heavenliness wishes to apologize to the kid and his family, as well as his numerous companions across the world, for the hurt his words might have caused. His Sacredness frequently prods individuals he meets in an honest and fun loving manner, even in broad daylight and before cameras. He laments the occurrence,” the authority Twitter handle of the Buddhist priest expressed.

The Buddhist priest’s true Twitter account communicated bitterness for the “hurt” his assertions caused and apologized to the young person in the well known video, his family, and “companions everywhere.” He will in general speak with others in a “energetic and honest” way, the assertion proceeded.

The episode occurred on February 28 during a discussion at a social occasion in the Dharamshala neighborhood of McLeod Ganj. Around 100 school understudies went to the service, which was held at a sanctuary, as indicated by The Watchman.

On the mouthpiece, an understudy in participation mentioned an embrace from the Dalai Lama. The youngster was welcome to move toward the stage where the 87-year-old was sitting.

The priest then inclined in to give his regards and laid a kiss on the kid’s lips. He then, at that point, requested that the kid suck it with his tongue while squeezing his brow against the kid’s. As per the site, the young person left as the Dalai Lama snickered and gave him another embrace.

One of the members recorded the video, which has gotten north of 1 million perspectives. Clients on Twitter censured the video, referring to it as “appalling” and “totally wiped out.”

“Completely stunned to see this presentation by the #DalaiLama. In the past as well, he’s needed to apologize for his misogynist remarks. Yet, saying – Presently suck my tongue to a little child is sickening,” one individual tweeted.

“What did I simply see?” What should that youngster feel? “Horrendous,” said another.