Daniel Halseth Murder Case Update, Is Wife Elizabeth Halseth Still In Prison Over His Death?


Daniel Halselth was cut ridiculously by his own little girl and her beau. During the deadly assault and following mutilation, Daniel Halselth’s body got around 70 blade wounds and slices, as indicated by a post-mortem report.

Regarding his demise, his 16-year-old girl, Sierra has been accused of homicide as she had an arrangement to escape with her sweetheart. As per the posthumous report from the Clark County coroner’s office, the 45-year-old had around 70 sharp power wounds, 42 of which were on the rear of his head, neck, and middle.


Moreover, when authorities inspected Daniel Halseth’s home, they revealed receipts from Residence Depot and an ATM. Security film from the ATM showed Sierra, his 16-year-old little girl, utilizing her dad’s check cards, while reconnaissance film from the shop showed Sierra’s sweetheart, Guerrero, purchasing saws and gloves, which were subsequently recuperated in the home, as indicated by the indictment.

Daniel Halseth Murder Case Update Discussing Daniel Halseth’s homicide case, as indicated by court records, Halseth’s body was found April 9 in the carport of his northwest Las Vegas house, at Durango and Alta streets, copied from head to toe.

As per the post-mortem report, his cadaver was pressed in a camping bed prior to being set ablaze, bringing about consumes to almost 40% of his body. Various blade wounds and cuts were likewise noted in the examination report, which was possible incurred after his passing.

Furthermore, the rear of the cadaver had 42 cut and cutting injuries, as per the examination report. Halseth’s lungs were both penetrated. One more cut in his neck cut off a significant corridor.

Where Could Daniel Halseth Wife Elizabeth Halseth Today be? Elizabeth Halseth is a previous Nevada State Senator and is as of now hitched to her current spouse Tiger Hegelian. She is living in dwelling in Clark County starting today.

In addition, Elizabeth Halseth was at that point separated from her ex Daniel at the hour of his homicide. After his homicide, police arrived at Elizabeth, who had hitched Vegas real estate professional Tiger Hegelian and presently goes by the name Elizabeth Hegelian. She expressed that she and her ex remained nearby their separation that they actually shared a ledger.

Moreover, she guaranteed $1,300 had been taken in different withdrawals around the hour of the homicide, inciting an extortion notice. She likewise educated criminal investigators that her ex had been disapproving of the young lady, especially with Guerrero, her sweetheart.

Little girl Sierra Halseth And Boyfriend Aaron Guerrero Regarding Daniel Halseth’s demise, little girl Sierra Halseth and her 18-year-former sweetheart, Aaron Guerrero, have been accused of homicide, trick, incendiarism, burglary, and false utilization of a charge card.

As per court records, Guerrero took off from home the day preceding Daniel Halseth’s cadaver was found, and the adolescents purchased a roundabout saw, saw cutting edges, fade, lighter liquid, dispensable gloves, and drop materials from organizations close to the casualty’s home.

Sierra and Guerrero dated from June to December, however their folks denied them from seeing another in the wake of learning of their arrangements to go to Los Angeles, as per court filings.

Sierra and Guerrero were all the while being held without bond at the Clark County Detention Center on Tuesday, as indicated by court reports. They have a date set.