Daniel Kosek Colorado Cold Justice Case – What Happened To Him & Where Is He Today?


Cold Justice is a genuine wrongdoing examination series that previously broadcasted on TNT and is currently accessible on Oxygen. As of July 2021, the group had aided the capture of 49 individuals and the conviction of 21 others.

The series follows previous Harris County, Texas examiner Kelly Siegler and a group of criminal investigators, as they re-open strange homicide cases with the participation and help of neighborhood regulation authorization.


Yolanda McClary, a veteran of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, likewise included on the show; McClary was the motivation for Catherine Willows, the person played by Marg Helgenberger in the TV program CSI.

UPDATE: Daniel Kosek Colorado Cold Justice Case – What Happened To Him? Daniel Kosek is the spouse of Kittie Koseck, a 34-year-old mother of six, a survivor of the Colorado Cold Justice case, who died in 1993.

Kittie’s misfortune sent shockwaves of agony through a family for a really long time. Kittie, alongside three of her five girls, purportedly went through horrendous torment because of her better half, Daniel, and almost nobody trusted her.

In 2019, Kelly Siegler of Oxygen’s “Cool Justice” ventured out to Crowley County, Colorado, to help nearby authorities in their re-examination of Kittie’s case, and what she found dumbfounded her profoundly.

Daniel Kosek Murder Case: Is He In Jail? Daniel Kosek has not been accused of the homicide case, and he isn’t in prison. The case is right now being explored by the Crowley County District Attorney’s Office.

Despite the fact that Daniel was never blamed for his better half’s passing, Kittie’s companions and kids have wouldn’t acknowledge that she would have committed suicide. Her little girls informed investigators that she was preparing to leave Daniel still up in the air to work on herself.

A large number of the reasons Daniel might have had for killing his better half could likewise have been reasons she would have needed to end it all, as per Siegler. As per all accounts, the marriage was horrendous, and Kittie was taking part in an extramarital entanglements.

Did Daniel’s Wife Commit Suicide? Daniel’s Wife Kittie Kosek apparently ended it all in 1993, yet the nearby regulation implementation has found stories of misuse and proof which doesn’t propose self destruction. Kittie apparently took steps to commit suicide a couple of days before her homicide. She begged specialists to discover who killed her.

Be that as it may, in the wake of investigating Kittie’s girls, the case turned out to be more muddled. Crowley County Sheriff John “Smokey” Kurtz and Crowley County Investigator Tom Cody were joined by Siegler and “Cold Justice” examiner Abbey Abbondandolo.

One of her little girls said that her dad abused her physically and “beat down me.” Daniel supposedly kept her in her room while killing her canine inside the house, as indicated by another observer.