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Daniel Patry assaulted, tormented, and savagely killed 12 years of age kid Gabriel Kuhn in 2007. Blumenau, Brazil was the location of the misfortune.

Daniel has forever been an uncontrollable youngster, to the place where his folks needed to send him to mental meetings. He, then again, didn’t go to the meetings and surprisingly exited school. Therefore, he used to remain at home and play Tibia, an internet based pretending game.


Daniel Patry should be living uninhibitedly right now. Regardless of the way that he perceived his issue without regret, he was simply condemned to three years in prison for his awful wrongdoing, as per reports. He was given a censure for his socio-instructive conduct.

At the point when the court found out if he had any last remarks prior to being condemned to jail, he said that he would finish his retaliation in hellfire. He felt little compassion toward the guardians of a little child who had died.

The virtual cash, worth just $1.75, was never reimbursed, however it cost the existence of a young child. Daniel Patry’s current age is 30 years of age. Nonetheless, his careful date of birth is yet to be uncovered via online media stages.

The personality of the offender has not been unveiled by the specialists because of different security concerns. Subsequently, there isn’t a lot of data accessible on Daniel. Daniel Patry was born in Blumenau, Brazil. At the point when Daniel Patry was captured in 2007, he was 16 years of age. Thus, by 2021, he has developed.

Daniel Patry appears to have steady and superb guardians. Be that as it may, his folks’ personality is yet to be uncovered via online media. Due of various security reasons, the police have not delivered the culprit’s very own subtleties. Therefore, little data about Daniel’s folks is available.