Daniel Regha Explains Why Phyna Does Not Deserve To Win.

Only a few hours after Phyna become declared the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7, arguable Twitter analyst Daniel Regha slammed her.

There had been formerly mentioned that Phyna, born Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, received Season 7 of Big Brother Naija with the subject matter ‘Level Up,’ with Bryan finishing because the first runner up.


While many congratulated her, famous Twitter analyst Daniel Regha slammed her, claiming that she did no longer need to win and that the second runner-up, Bryann, become extra deserving of the prize because he never overstepped his obstacles or attempted to impose himself on different housemates.

He also accused Nigerians of being too sentimental in deciding on a worth winner for the popular TV show.

Phyna received, however if we’re being honest, Bryann deserved it greater due to the fact he in no way overstepped his boundaries or attempted to impose on other hms. Nigerians, as common, are sentimental! It’s no longer surprising that in relation to selecting favorites, it takes place nearly on every occasion. There are no shades.

According to information reviews, the net erupted when a seek engine declared Phyna the winner of the reality display.

As the winner of the reality display, the fact superstar’s name appeared on a Google search. According to the internet site, Phyna will acquire this year’s reality show’s grand prize. Surprisingly, the website online stated the lady fact megastar with the pronoun “he.” Many humans mocked Google’s reviews in response.