Daniel Regha: “Wizkid’s ‘More Love, Less Ego’ Album Is Overhyped”

Dubious Twitter client, Daniel Regha appears to have his doubts about Wizkid’s latest collection, “More Love; Less Self image”.

It’s been under 12 hours since Wizkid delivered his new collection, More Love; Less self image and socials are now humming with remarks.


Well known investigate, Daniel Regha, be that as it may, doesn’t appear to be dazzled with the Grammy-grant winning artist’s result as he labels it “overhyped”.

Talking further, Daniel thought that Ayodeji Balogun, also called Wizkid just reused his verses with various beats. He additionally presumed that Wizkid, as a craftsman is “not advancing”, as his pen game is “mid”.

“Wizkid’s “More Love, Less Inner self” collection is ¤verhyped; He’s recycl!ng verses with various beats. Likewise, melodies off the collection are fixated on material!sm yet the collection title recommends lowliness (so n¤ correlati¤n). As an artiste, Wizkid is n¤t developing, and his pen game is m!d. No shades.”