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Who are Danielle Locklear Parents? Think about her Father and the story behind her vanishing. Danielle Locklear was a youthful adolescent young lady. As of late her account of death and vanishing has been highlighted on the NBC Datelines’ scene.

In those days in the year 2014, she was living with her auntie and grandparents. In any case, as per ABC11 on April 2, 2014, her body was found in the South River. Become more acquainted with her relatives, killers and the purpose for her passing by perusing this post.

Danielle Locklear’s Wikipedia has not been composed at this point. In any case, her secretive demise and vanishing have been referenced on different information. She was just 15 years old when got vanished. Her birthday is on July 10, 1998. She was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

She was learning at Southview High School. In her eulogy, Danielle has portrayed as an other-worldly person. Danielle Locklear’s folks are Rowan Fowler and William D. Dawson.

She additionally has an auntie named Chena Papa, who was somewhere close to a more established sister and a proxy mother for Danielle. Danielle was still youthful. She was a secondary school green bean living with her grandparents.

Abruptly she disappeared from her home and stayed away forever back. Before that her companions and friends and family scanned her for 3 weeks. Shockingly, her body was discovered dead in the waterway.

Following the examination, Danielle’s ex Je’Michael Malloy and companion Dominic Lock admitted to her homicide. She died of asphyxiation(chocking). Michael likewise expressed that he executed her after they had a terrible separation.

He was captured by the police. As of March 2021, Malloy and Lock are 24 and 25 years old separately. They are condemned to 25 to 31 years in jail for the wrongdoing.