Darlene Brister Is Charged With Murder Following The Assault And Stabbing Of Her Children


Darlene Brister, 40, has been captured for supposedly attacking and cutting her youngsters. Brister is currently having to deal with murder penalties in the wake of Paulding County specialists got a report of a home fire where a woman was seriously harming her youngsters.

As per Paulding County Sheriff’s Office representative Tyler McSwain, the horrendous occasions happened at 9:20 p.m. inside a home in the 700 block of Woodwind Drive in Rockmart, West Paulding.


Firemen from Paulding County answered a protest of a deadly fire on Woodwind Drive. At the point when they showed up, they purportedly found seven youngsters, two of whom were oblivious and three of whom were harmed. The leftover two were totally safe.

Three of the youths were moved to Grady Memorial Hospital, where two of them were consequently affirmed dead, bringing the loss of life to four. One more young person who had been carried to the emergency clinic was released with minor wounds.

Darlene Brister was secured by police at the site of the occurrence. She was consequently accused of two counts of homicide with malevolence and is supposed to have to deal with additional penalties.

Darlene Brister’s awful deed amazed her neighbors. At 9 p.m. on Friday, Paulding County authorities got a report with respect to fire and homegrown debate. Authorities were advised that the house was ablaze and that Darlene Brister, 40, was endeavoring to hurt her youngsters.

Firemen struggled the flares and continued inside the house to search for the youngsters. Two of the youngsters were affirmed dead at the spot, while three others were brought to the medical clinic for therapy of their wounds.

McSwain said in a news discharge: “Agents worked resolutely to get a handle on the tumultuous circumstance.”

Occupants can’t grasp the calamity that has happened, bringing about the deficiency of honest individuals. One of the occupants let correspondents know that a portion of the neighbors attempted to help a portion of the youths to get away from out of the house while others endeavored to jump through a second-story window. In the interim, a few neighbors alluded to Darlene Brister’s forceful deed as “egotistical” and “conceited.”

WAGA refered to a neighbor as saying: “I don’t have any idea who might do it to their kids.”

Specialists stressed that the test will proceed with even after Brister was confined. The request will be driven by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Darlene Brister is presently being held without bail, and her most memorable court appearance is made arrangements for Monday morning at 9 a.m.