Dateline: Unforgettable – What happened to Venus Stewart?


Venus Stewart, from Newport News, Virginia, was accounted for missing in April 2010 by her folks, Therese and Larry McComb. At the hour of her vanishing, the mother-of-two was dwelling at her folks’ home in Colon Municipality, Michigan, in the wake of having moved out of her Virginia home with her girls, where she resided with her better half, Doug Stewart.

An ensuing examination concerning the report for someone who has gone missing uncovered a vile plot and grim homicide organized by the alienated spouse Doug, who had little assistance from an accessory. Regardless, the casualty’s body was just tracked down in 2018, over eight years after the vanishing.

An impending episode of Dateline: Remarkable is scheduled to return to the baffling instance of Venus Stewart, who vanished without a sign, abandoning a demanding riddle. The episode, Finding Venus, will re-air on Oxygen this Tuesday, February 7, at 6.00 pm ET.

“Venus Stewart ventured external her entryway and disappeared; specialists thought her ex, however he had a vindication; a video gamer’s story had investigators seeing things and uncovered the truth.”Venus Stewart’s alienated spouse purchased a digging tool, gloves, and canvas a day prior to the previous disappeared

In April 2010, Venus Stewart, 32, strangely vanished from her folks’ home in Colon Municipality, Michigan, in the wake of going outside to actually take a look at the post box. Her wallet and other individual possessions, as per the police, were left inside the home and there was actual proof of a thought battle outside the house, considering that the rock carport had noticeable signs like profound sections on it.

The mother-of-two, who had recently looked for assurance orders against her better half and the dad of her young ladies, Doug Stewart, was dwelling with her folks at the hour of her vanishing. Venus had allegedly moved back to her home state with her two little girls from Newport News, Virginia, where the couple were residing after their move from Michigan to begin once again in her turbulent marriage.

Specialists promptly thought Venus’ kid alienated spouse Doug. As per court order classifications presented by police in May 2010, they looked through his pickup truck in Newport News, Virginia, and found conceivable blood and a Walmart receipt that showed that he purchased a digging tool, gloves, and canvas the day preceding Venus disappeared.

“A piece of me was so frightened in light of the fact that then, at that point, I’d need to confront it”: Venus Stewart’s mom expressed she could never completely recuperate from the deficiency of her girl

Accordingly, in June 2010, Doug Stewart was captured and accused of first-degree planned murder and connivance to carry out first-degree planned murder corresponding to the vanishing and killing of Venus Stewart. He was subsequently indicted on both the charges by a jury yet kept up with his blamelessness.

During Doug’s February 2011 preliminary, Ricky Spencer, a vital observer and affirmed assistant for the situation, guaranteed that he acted like Stewart’s sham in Virginia while the last option headed to Michigan to kill Venus Stewart and help him in giving a solid justification to specialists. During his visit at Newport News, Spencer purportedly wore his garments and utilized his charge card.

Be that as it may, Venus Stewart’s body stayed missing no matter what the many inquiries led by agents, which were without any result until October 2018, when Doug owned up to killing the mother-of-two, driving specialists to the provincial Kalamazoo Area field where her remaining parts were viewed as covered.

More than eight years after her demise, Venus’ family was at long last ready to cover her close to her dad, who died a year prior to her remaining parts were found.

Her mom, Therese McComb, asserted that in spite of the fact that finding her little girl’s remaining parts gave some conclusion, she could never completely mend from the deficiency of both her girl and her dearest companion, adding:

“I maintained that her should be seen as so terrible, however at that point a piece of me was so terrified in light of the fact that then, at that point, I’d need to confront it. It would turn out to be all the more genuine to me.”