David Fernandez And Joel Adames: Cardi B Friend Died In Manhattan Accident


David Fernandez and Joel Adames were two local people of New York. They had a nearby association with American rapper Cardi B.

A people group in Inwood is lamenting after a rapid auto collision on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. Fernandez and Adames were two survivors of the horrendous occurrence.


Manhattan Accident Kills Cardi B’s Friends-David Fernandez and Joel Adames David Fernandez and Joel Adames, the companions of Cardi B, were two walkers killed in Inwood auto collision.

The casualties purportedly remained on the corner where two rapid vehicles had impacted. As indicated by Pix New York, a Subaru voyaging west crashed into a BMW voyaging north, making harm five vehicles. The effect flung the Subaru onto the walkways where Fernandez and Adames were strolling. A Surveillance camera got the occasion in time.

The person in question, notable to the Inwood people group, experienced serious wounds and died following the mishap.

An hour after the impact, around sunlight on Wednesday, a remembrance of candles, blossoms, and pictures of the men started to come to fruition at the intersection of 207th Street and Sherman Avenue.

The head-on accident between two vehicles brought about five others experiencing extreme wounds. In the impending days, the police will give extra updates.

Inwood Community Mourns David Fernandez and Joel Adames’ Death David Fernandez and Joel Adames were renowned characters from Inwood, Manhattan. Their passing has made a lamenting second in the Inwood people group.

A lady witness and Adames’ cousin says: ‘They were simply remaining there, and the vehicles [were] hopping the walkway.’ Essentially, a companion of Fernandez, Jolemy Clase, says: ‘He was only an astounding individual. The people group adored him.’

A relative of Adames says:’He was my little cousin, a darling. He was the adoration for the family.’ Meanwhile, @AlbortEinstone on Twitter has shown his tirade against imprudent drivers.

He has tweeted: ‘I’m astonished there aren’t more mishaps like the one in Inwood. Individuals drive like lunatics and are compelled to go in some unacceptable path due to twofold/triple left vehicles. I saw a NYPD tow truck drive past a line of them yesterday in Inwood. They ought to be generally towed/tagged.’

Who Were David Fernandez And Joel Adames? David Fernandez, 40, is from the Bronx, and Joel Adames, 31, is a local of Manhattan. Both were two unmistakable salsa artists who displayed their abilities all through New York.

David, otherwise known as “David The Dancer,” was a Salsa teacher and beautician. He showed numerous New Yorkers and is additionally the previous victor of Salasa Content. A portion of his big name clients were performers, guitarist Max Santos and DJ Baby Face.

As per an observer, Fernandez had performed late-night hair styling for Adames. At 4 am, they went out to get a beverage. At the point when they headed home, a highspeed Sedan unexpectedly ended their lives.

The two survivors of the Inwood mishaps were given, fathers and children. Per Cardi B’s Instagram post, Joel was the dad of a child young lady going to turn two in the fall.