Delaney Brennan Arrested And Charged For Jack Elliott Death: What Happened To The Texas Christian University Student?


Delaney Brennan’s life flipped around in 2019. She was playing and living it up with her sweetheart, Jack Elliott, at a boat party in Lake Travis. Brennan then, at that point, energetically pushed Jack, which got him off the deck.

Sadly, he hit the propeller and suffocated in the water. Elliott was 19 then and was an understudy at Texas Christian University. His body was found ten days after the fact, 100 feet underneath the water surface.

Delaney Brennan Arrested And Charged For Jack Elliott Death Delaney Brennan energetically pushed her sweetheart, Jack Elliott, while celebrating at Lake Travis on a boat close by 12 companions. It finished sadly, as Elliott fell into the propeller and died.

The observer chose to mix a phony story to conceal reality from the specialists. They said Jack was tipsy, which made him fall over the edge. The police at first trusted the story.

In any case, his folks raised their voices for a point by point examination. Afterward, it came out that Jack didn’t fall since he was tanked; he got driven over the deck.

Texas fantastic jury has condemned Delaney and four different understudies for attempting to paint a phony story. Brenna could spend as long as 10 years in jail and a $10k fine. She is booked for a pre-preliminary on August 17.

Who Is Delaney Brennan? Texas Christian University Student Delaney Brennan is a 21-year-old design understudy at Texas Christian University. She was the sweetheart of Jake Elliott. Delaney is in the titles after the reality of Jake’s downfall is uncovered.

She got a tattoo of Jack’s initials on her wrist after his dying to remind herself the amount he cherished life. She did it since she generally needed to have something to recall Jack.

The 21-year-old has light hair, light eyes, and a fair composition. Brennan is a style fan who tries to seek after displaying. Her vocation should stand by some time as she will currently be finishing legitimate sentences.

What has been going on with Jack Elliott? In October 2019, twelve college understudies were celebrating on a 22-foot boat on Late Travis, a man-made lake northwest of Austin. The then couple, Delaney and Jack, were being a tease and kissing.

The circumstance heightened when Delaney fun loving stunned Jack. It made him tumble from the water vehicle and hit the propeller. The understudies had a go at looking for him with cell lights, yet their endeavors were futile.

He disappeared after sunset. Individuals were going crazy and crying. Elle then, at that point, called 911 and informed the officials what had occurred. The following thing they did was conceal their liquor bottles in the water.

Her companions chose to conceal reality from the specialists to save Brennan from lawful difficulty. At the point when the examiners scrutinized every one of the observers, their responses didn’t coordinate, and the story ultimately emerged.