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Delrhonda Hood is an American woman Gangster and Drug Lord from Detroit. She was mostly known as Big Fifty for her size, the name was given by her accomplice to her as found in the trailer of her narrative.

She has been renowned for her work like extortion, drug dealing, and firearm ownership. Big Fifty was engaged with a wide range of criminal operations that were held in Detroit. She runs every hustle under the sun to become one of Motor City’s most incredible Queenpins.

Delrhonda was named as a medication Queen, as she claimed her look and the roads during her standard. Her companions and individuals say that she has satisfied her name “Big Fifty” as she has accomplished something big in her life, regardless of whether it was legitimate or illicit.

Delrhonda Hood otherwise known as Big Fifty’s total assets is assessed to be more than $30 million – $40 million. Notwithstanding, her genuine total assets is yet to be affirmed by the authority sources. Neither, she, at the end of the day, nor some other authority destinations have uncovered her definite fortune.

She was a woman criminal who was exceptionally known for her diverse illicit organizations and firearm ownership. Medication dealing was her principle type of revenue as we can likewise find in her narrative. She was never short with cash as she was acquiring millions through her illicit business and have consistently lived with a way of life.

Delrhonda Hood is an American Gangster and Drug Lord from Detroit who doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio page. She had the nickname Big Fifty which was given by her accomplice to her for seeing her figure. The People and companions who knew her, say that she had satisfied that name as she certainly did numerous big things in her day to day existence.

Hood was a medication mafia in Detroit and was engaged with different other criminal operations, for example, misrepresentation and firearm ownership. Afterward, Hood was condemned for her unlawful exercises for a considerable length of time from 2013 to 2015. Subsequently, she went from running her own medication domain in Detroit to discovering reclamation.

She was born on 28th October 1965 and is at present 55 years of age woman. Big Fifty AKA Delrhonda Hood story will be delivered in her narrative, “American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty The Delrhonda Hood Story”.

It is a BET+ unique film debuting on Thursday, September 30, on streaming channel BET+. The trailer of the narrative has been loved by numerous individuals of the watchers while a portion of the watchers likewise have poured negative remarks.

Remy Ma is the entertainer who is going to assume the part of Delrhonda Hood in the narrative and has been sufficient as found in the trailer.

American Gangster: Trap Queens has likewise shown her biography in the second scene, Delrhonda ‘Big Fifty’ Hood of their series. The scene broadcasted on the seventeenth of October in 2019. Those watchers who have seen the scene are amped up for her impending narrative.