Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima Was Arrested In Florida For Attempting To Pay For Sex


As indicated by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the 45-year-old cop was kept subsequent to answering a promotion for escort administration from a covert agent. Jason DiPrima was in Orlando for an American Polygraph Association Seminar/Workshop when he answered secret promoting for seven days in length mission to find those participated in illegal exploitation and catch the people who enjoy prostitution.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news gathering that DiPrima utilized a covert vehicle gave to a Cartersville Police Department official on the DEA team rather than his own car for his visit. Sheriff Judd proceeded to say:”Be that as it may, his vehicle clearly no longer had anything to do with the excursion, so he’s in one of the secret vehicles.”

At the point when DiPrima showed up in Florida, he hit up a conversation with an investigator from the activity whom he confused with a whore and consented to a s*xual experience. As per reports, he messaged:

“Is it true or not that you are free this evening?” I’d need to stay with you — what amount do you charge? We’ll live it up on the off chance that you’re pretty much as certified as you appear. Any other way, I’ll be going about with an instance of White Claw, feeling female.”

Specialists said, notwithstanding, that DiPrima “became terrified” at the last minute.\

Jason DiPrima consented to meet with the spy the following day. Jason DiPrima called the business s*x specialist in mask and consented to pay $120 for a half-hour “full assistance.” Authorities then, at that point, found that DiPrima had likewise been deceived by another whore/whore in-camouflage who mentioned a preview of a $200 “cash application card” to lay out if he would pay her or not however rather utilized this data to take the cash and leave.

In the wake of consenting to meet the specialist, Jason showed up at a unidentified area and gave more than $180 and a pack of White Claw Hard Seltzer to the examiner in mask. He was then secured.

Grady Judd, who talked at the news meeting, hailed Jason’s expert record as “distinguished,” taking note of that he has been with the Cartersville Police Department beginning around 1996 and has filled in as agent police boss beginning around 2015:”From what I assemble from talking with his boss, he’s been there for around 30 years.” Academy graduate of the FBI. Around, very much regarded cop.”

Capt. Sarah Sullivan of the Cartersville Police Department affirmed to Law and Crime that Jason DiPrima has been put on semi-voluntary vacation. As per Captain Sullivan:”On Thursday, September 1, 2022, Polk County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) captured Deputy Chief DiPrima of the Cartersville Police Department for Soliciting one more for prostitution, lecherousness, or rendezvous.” Deputy Chief DiPrima has been put on semi-voluntary vacation while an inward request is being directed. Assuming that you have additional inquiries regarding the capture, kindly contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.”

Jason DiPrima is hitched and has a family, as indicated by sources.