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Miranda-Jara showed up at Hillcrest Hospital in midtown Tulsa on July 14 with the child in the midst of work, hoping to turn into a glad new dad.

All things considered, he got captured, as indicated by Tulsa Police Officer Danny Bean.

Desiree Castaneda is a mother of a youthful 12-year little girl.

Her little girl, whose name isn’t delivered because of her age factor, was pregnant in the wake of being associated with a 24-year more established man named Juan Miranda-Jara.

After the 12-year-old young lady conceived an offspring in an Oklahoma clinic recently, Desiree Castaneda, 33, faces allegations of empowering youngster sex misuse and kid abuse.

At the point when the 12-year-old young lady started giving birth and was moved to the clinic to convey the child, the matter started to be researched as the emergency clinic staff ringed the Police specialists.

Danny Bean, a Tulsa Police representative, portrayed them as “strolling in like some other couple, eager to birth their newborn.”

Desiree Castaneda was allegedly captured and is currently dealing with indictments for permitting her pre-high schooler girl to date Juan Miranda-Jara.

As per the Tulsa Police Department, with respect to the child’s dad, who confessed to impregnating the pre-high schooler, he has been captured for first-degree assault.

He will carry out a 12-year punishment.

Desiree Castaneda is right now 33 years of age.

Her careful birth date subtleties are yet to be uncovered.

As indicated by accounts, Desiree was all around educated regarding her girl’s association, which started in October of last year.

Notwithstanding, she permitted her little girl to date him.

Castaneda is likewise blamed for furnishing Miranda-Jara with condoms, as indicated by nearby station KOTV.

The newborn child was born soundly and without issues, as indicated by a few sites.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services had guardianship of both the 12-year-old young lady and the newborn child.

Different pictures of the 12-year-old little girl and she guaranteed 24-year-former sweetheart commending the Baby Shower had been shared on Facebook.

Desiree Castaneda’s Facebook account is as of now too far.

Then again, Juan Miranda seems to have his Facebook account still.

Be that as it may, the image of his sweetheart and himself, presenting in the child shower, kept as a cover picture, has been eliminated.