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Devon Erickson was an understudy at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Douglas County, Colorado. On May 7, 2019, Erickson and Alec McKinney, the two understudies at the school, started shooting in the school and shot a few understudies. One understudy named Kendrick Castillo was slaughtered and eight others were truly harmed during the shooting.

Castillo bounced on Devon to attempt to remove the firearm from him and was lethally shot in the chest. Devon Erickson guardians’ personality has been kept secret. It is accounted for that Devon was going through some family issues and was constantly upset.

In any case, upon the arrival of the shooting, Devon told his companion David Sispera that he was assuming responsibility for things at home. He looked positive, perky, and glad. Sispera thought it uncommon as he was going through burdensome scenes for quite a long time.

Be that as it may, he didn’t make a big deal about it and thought Erickson was sorting out things for himself. Devon Erickson’s present age is 20 years of age. Talking about his sexual orientation, Erickson was born and recognizes as a male.

Then again, the other charged in the shooting, Alec McKinney was a transsexual kid. He was born female and was named Maya Elizabeth McKinney. In any case, he distinguished as male and changed his name to Alec.

Devon Erickson and Alec McKinney were captured on May 7, 2019. They were accused of 48 criminal checks, including “first-degree murder after consultation, incendiarism, and robbery.

McKinney was an adolescent at that point and confessed to 17 charges in a supplication deal with the arraignment. As he’s an adolescent, he was unable to be given a capital punishment or existence without the chance for further appeal.

Be that as it may, Erickson argued not liable to first-degree murder and different charges on Jan. 20, 2020. His legal counselors asserted he was a pained kid and was controlled by McKinney into the shooting.

Besides, whenever indicted, Erickson faces 48 criminal accusations and a lifelong incarceration without the chance for further appeal. His preliminary began on May 31, 2021.