“Did Bart Simpson also testify?”: Video of Florida rep. Will Robinson Jr reading fake names spark hilarious reactions online


Florida State Delegate Will Robinson Jr. left the web stunned subsequent to perusing made up names during a council meeting. The monikers were senseless and unseemly, which wound up provoking a ruckus during Monday’s meeting. A video of the equivalent has tracked down its direction via online entertainment and has left netizens giggling wildly.

As per the Insider Paper, the conservative delegate read a rundown of rivals and allies of a bill during a House common equity subcommittee. It seems like the conservative delegate who addresses Florida House Area 71 was not listening mindfully to what he was reciting without holding back.


During the gathering, Will Robinson Jr. recite without holding back “Anita D*ck.” He momentarily stopped and looked towards the one who sat close to him. She held her hands up to cover her mouth as she snickered at the name. Robinson proceeded “Is an adversary. Forgoes in resistance.”

The public authority delegate kept on reciting without holding back as it appeared he knew nothing about the s*xual undertones in the made up names:

Maybe Will Robinson Jr. additionally messed with his abnormal second. Answering the goof, he told his 1929 devotees:

This isn’t whenever such an occurrence first has happened. In 2021, unidentified comedians settled on councilors decision out unrefined and counterfeit names at an educational committee meeting in Henrico District, VA. In a livestream video, board seat part Roscoe D. Cooper III could be perused getting down on filthy names as the general population listened cautiously while being ignorant about the trick.

Cooper read without holding back “Phil McCracken,” “Ophelia McHawk,” “Eileen Dover,” “Wear Keedik” and “Wayne Kerr.” He likewise read out Aaron Sorkin’s name, a popular screenwriter who doesn’t live in Henrico Region.

The livestream finished with Cooper and the group not perceiving the bumble.