Did Jeremy Scott Murdered Michelle Schofield? Where Is He Now?


Nobody might have expected the ensuing examinations to follow the course they did after Michelle Saum Schofield was found dead in the wake of being wounded in a channel in February 1987.

That is on the grounds that after the 18-year-spouse, old’s Leo Schofield, was viewed as at fault for her homicide, as was examined on “20/20: Last Found In Lakeland,” new proof arose that recommended someone else could have been liable for the terrible wrongdoing. Thus, if you need to truly make quick work of this bewildering issue, we have the data for you to see more about this already detached individual, criminal Jeremy Lynn Scott.


Presently, where could Jeremy Scott be? Jeremy Lynn Scott, who has a long criminal history tracing all the way back to his juvenile years, is right now detained for an inconsequential wrongdoing in spite of having a long history of violations.

At 15 years old, in or around 1984, he was purportedly excused of a homicide allegation; yet, throughout the span of the accompanying three years, he proceeded to lead pyromania, burglary, equipped burglary, excellent robbery, and battery on a public authority.

The Polk Province, Florida local went above or more by killing his companion Donald Moorehead on November 1, 1988, supposedly in light of the fact that he hadn’t gotten cash for a canvas he had finished. This was one more year after the fact.

Court reports guarantee that in the early hours of that unfortunate day, Jeremy and a buddy beat Donald over the head with a grape juice bottle before lethally choking him with a telephone wire.

He was viewed as at real fault for first-degree murder as well as outfitted burglary and given a lifelong incarceration in 1989 after the pair even took his vehicle after they neglected to find any money inside his trailer. At the blended security Florida State Jail (previously known as Raiford Jail) in Bradford Area, the wrongdoer known as “Bam” is as of now serving his only discipline at 53 years old.

Michelle Schofield: Did Jeremy Scott Kill Her? At the point when Jeremy Scott, a sentenced executioner, was connected to the whole case in 2004, a unique finger impression that had been found in Michelle Schofield’s neglected vehicle (in 1987) had recently gone undetected.

He was from there on addressed by the specialists because of the way that he lived two miles from the location of her body’s disclosure and was not just liberated from jail at the hour of this particular wrongdoing.

Then, with an end goal to make sense of the beginning of his finger impression and preclude any contribution in the murder, he recognized to being a vehicle sound system/gear criminal, yet he actually kept up with his refusal of any association.

Be that as it may, things started to move in 2016 when Jeremy’s legal counselor reached out to Leo Schofield, Michelle’s significant other and the one who had been seen as at legitimate fault for killing him, with an end goal to get new data to help Jeremy’s solicitation for another preliminary.

In a police interview in 2017, Jeremy is said to have conceded, just to straight oddball it, prior to adding that he might want to get a sense of ownership with any wrongdoing whenever given $1,000 in real money.

He went through additional scrutinizing, yet this time, it was taped, and the recording caught each expression of his confirmation that he had killed the 18-year-old on February 24, 1987, with a hunting blade.

As indicated by Jeremy’s accounts, in the wake of asking Michelle for a ride when she was at a corner store chatting on the telephone and after she really agreed, he nonchalantly guided a far off lake. He guaranteed that when his sharp item unexpectedly slid out as he went after his cigarettes in the vehicle, he lost his quiet and she became rankled, striking him.

Preceding proclaiming, “Before I know it, I lost it,” the 1987 19-year-old even made a clue that he was high on physician recommended drugs. Her throat was cut by me. Since I’m uncertain of what unfolded, I’m presently in a frenzy.

To conclude whether Leo ought to be given another preliminary, the case was brought under the watchful eye of the court for a starter evidentiary hearing, during which Jeremy really affirmed. He professed to have killed Michelle thirty years sooner, however there were sure irregularities and subtleties that were absent in his story, in spite of his nearby inclination.

It was in this manner deciphered as his withdrawing his explanation when he later pronounced, “I didn’t make it happen,” in the wake of seeing pictures of her examination, and the court concluded he needed validity.

Because of Leo’s allure being denied and the underlying decision being maintained, he is as yet viewed as at real fault for the homicide, subsequently it is difficult to imagine that Jeremy was the individual who killed Michelle. Because of their own conceded bad behaviors, they are both still detained.