Did Ksoo Kill Bibby? Still In Jail For Adrian Gainer In Jacksonville Florida

American rapper Hakeem Robinson, known as Ksso, is accused of killing another rapper, Adrian Gainer, otherwise known as Bibby, in 2019. Subsequent to being blamed for being answerable for Lil Buck’s demise prior in the year, Ksoo has been confined in the Duval County prison for around two years as of September 2020.

Did Ksoo Kill Bibby? The craftsman, whose genuine name is Hakeem Robinson, is blamed for killing Lil Buck in January 2020 and Bibby in February 2019. Police suspect that the two people were killed by the Jacksonville local in discrete pack related episodes. At the Hilltop Village Apartments on West 45th Street, they said Ksoo shot Bibby.


Ksoo appeared for a bond hearing in a Duval Court multi week before the two homicides were prosecuted. To additional help the powerful bond, the arraignment introduced Ksoo’s 2021 tune and music video, Been Dead, in which he flaunts about killing individuals.

Rapper Ksoo Is Still In Jail For Adrian Gainer’s Murder Ksso is blamed for killing two particular individuals in two distinct years. Indeed, even with the most recent charges, the rapper’s family accepts he is honest. Shay Robinson as of late talked with the press before the Duval County Courthouse and guaranteed that her kin was guiltless.

She communicated her fulfillment with the appointed authority’s meticulousness and expressed that she had addressed the two sides throughout the long term. Shay asserts that the appointed authority treated her brother’s case decently after hearing it.

Rapper Ksoo is right now having to deal with two first-degree murder penalties. As per the police, Robinson killed Charles McCormick in 2020 and Adrian Gainer in 2019. Furthermore, Abdul Robinson Senior, the dad of Robinson, has been accused of accomplice to kill, and Abdul Robinson Junior has been accused of homicide. Under the watchful eye of being summoned in court, all men should show up.

Rapper Bibby Murder Timeline obinson had spent almost two years in the Duval County prison in the wake of being recently accused of second-degree murder in those episodes. The latest arraignments occurred as Robinson’s lawyers were arguing for his attach to be brought down so the top of the record name to which he is marked would have the option to cover his bond.

Robinson’s bond was going to be diminished by Duval County Circuit Court Judge Tatiana Salvador when the prosecutions were unveiled, delivering the bond a debatable issue. Robinson will keep on being detained. Given the new charges, he could use the remainder of his life there.

Robinson’s lawyers guarantee that the state’s system to keep their client from being set free from guardianship is the reason they are not astonished by the new charges. Subsequent to being accused of homicide for the shooting demise of Charles McCormick, 23, on January 15, 2020, Robinson was put in prison on a $1 million bond.

At the point when the state uncovered another homicide allegation, Robinson’s record mark, Cinematic Music Group, was busy attempting to post the bond. This time, Robinson was blamed for killing 16-year-old Adrian Gainer Jr., otherwise called Bibby, on February 25, 2019.

Is Ksoo Dead Or Alive? Ksoo is as of now at Duval County prison as he is accused of the first-degree murder of two unique people in 2020. He has denied every one of the claims against him, and his family likewise puts stock in his honesty.

ATK and KTA, two contending groups, are right now taken part in a vicious clash in Florida. Rapper Yungeen Ace is the head of ATK, while rapper Foolio is accountable for KTA. This quarrel is being covered by many YouTube channels around the country.

Robinson has worked together with Yungeen Ace on various music recordings where the two rap about firearms, gore, and killing their rivals while wearing precious stone studded adornments with ATK identifications.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when this scandalous hip-jump quarrel started, yet unambiguous famous Jacksonville killings memorialized in well known rap music recordings without a doubt added to the issue.