Did Larry Deleon Murder Joey Comunale? Age And Verdict – Where Is He Now?


Joey Comunale was a 26-year-elderly person from Stamford, Connecticut who was ruthlessly killed back on November 13, 2016, by Larry Deleon and James Rackover after they purportedly had a battle at an all-nighter in James’ loft.

Comunale was wounded and his body was unloaded into a shallow grave in New Jersey. They had likewise consumed his body to obliterate any proof of the homicide.


Allow us to become familiar with Larry Deleon and investigate his whereabouts and age.

Where Is Larry Deleon Now 2022? Joey Comunale Death Suspect Today Larry Deleon now in 2022 is serving his 23 years in a jail sentence after he conceded to the homicide of Joey Comunale.

Deleon and Comunale purportedly had a battle between them in an all-nighter at an extravagance condo possessed by James Rackover.

Nonetheless, Larry demanded he was not a genuine executioner but rather he just helped Rackover in the homicide of Joey. Rackover’s assertion is the inverse as he says he just aided in the cleanup and Larry killed Joey all alone as indicated by Oxygen.

Data about the office where Larry is carrying out his 23-year jail punishment isn’t referred to on the web at this point, however the indicted killer is in the slammer as you read this article and will show up for almost the following twenty years.

At the hour of the homicide, Larry was living with his single parent Suzanne Dilione in New Jersey.

What Is Larry Deleon Age? Larry Deleon’s age is 32 years of age starting at 2022 as per Wiki.

He was as old as Joey when he mercilessly cut him north of 15 times eventually killing him back in 2016, the two of them were 26 years of age around then.

Nonetheless, data about Larry’s real date of birth has not risen to the top yet, he has not uncovered his birthday yet.

Essentially, because of the absence of data about his genuine date of birth, his zodiac sign is likewise absent, and making forecasts about his character in light of his zodiac sign is additionally impractical yet.

Deleon is relied upon to be in his fifties when he emerges from jail subsequent to carrying out his punishment. He could begin his life once again in his fifties after he is liberated.

Larry Deleon Verdict In Joey Comunale Death Larry Deleon was seen as at legitimate fault for Joey Comunale’s homicide after he conceded to murder.

He was given 23 years in a jail sentence as discipline for killing Joey and he is as yet carrying out the punishment.