Did Postman Gabriel March Granados Get The Longest Prison Sentence Ever, Where Is The Spain Man Now?


The people who have checked the reality on the longest jail sentences at any point can see the name Gabriel March Granados. He was condemned to 384,912 years, however he just burned through 14 years and two months in prison.

Netizens Wonder Where Is Gabriel March Granados Now? Gabriel March Granados’ whereabouts are not known. Notwithstanding, his name continues to surface via virtual entertainment, particularly where there are realities related posts.


He is the one who has served the most time in jail ever. He neglected to convey 42,784 sends, opened 35,718 of them, and took 50,000 euros worth of contents.

Therefore, he was accused of thousands of extortion, illegitimate appointment of papers (one for each letter that was rarely conveyed), and robbery. Therefore, the investigator proposed a strange sentence of 384,912 years in prison and a fine of 19 million euros (2010 worth).

Then again, the adjudicator declined to give such an extensive sentence. Subsequently, he gave the litigant a seven-year term for robbery and misrepresentation and a two-month discipline for unapproved record allotment.

Gabriel March Granados Had Longest Prison Sentence Gabriel March Granados was condemned to the most time in prison. This sentence has acquired him a Guinness World Record, as per a few sources.

He neglected to convey over 40k sends, opened over 35k of them, and eliminated their contents; in this way, the adjudicator condemned him to 384,912 years in jail. His sentence was subsequently decreased to 14 years, two months, however he had proactively made a name.

The Spanish man normally shows up via virtual entertainment posts nowadays where the reality about him is expressed. Many individuals think it is unreasonable to give him such a long sentence in any case, though some offer wry comments, for example, “he had one work” or “Who needs to break the record”?

What Did Spain Postman Gabriel March Granados Do?- Details Of His Arrest Charges The Spain Postman, Gabriel March Granados carried out the wrongdoing of not conveying the sends and taking the contents. His capture charges were records robbery. As per Royal Mail Chat, he filled in as a break metropolitan mailman in the Mallorcan mail center on January 28, 1968, when he was 18 years of age.

He went on in that occupation for over two years prior to being sacked on March 31, 1970, when different defects in his work were found. The mail center in Palma de Mallorca chose to report the irregularities.

Following quite a while of request, the investigator of the Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca brought allegations against him for robbery and neglecting to give contents.