Did Rickey Smiley Son Autopsy Reveal The Cause Of His Death?

Albeit the examination report of Brandon Smiley welcomed no clearness on the reason for his passing as per the sources, Rickey Smiley accepts his child died because of a medication glut.

Ricky shared his conviction during a Thursday interview with Craig Melvin on the “Today” show.


He expressed that his late youngster’s better half made him mindful of it when she had tracked down Brandon “lethargic” on January 29th by letting him know that he had “OD’d”.

While no authority end has been arrived at about the reason for death yet, in light of proof accessible to them, Ricky and his family trust this to be the most probable guilty party.

Jokester Smiley was in shock when he got a call from his little girl Taylor, letting him know that Brandon, his child, had died from substance misuse.

He was on a plane going to Georgia, yet couldn’t force himself to get onto the plane subsequent to hearing this overwhelming news. Throughout the long term, Smiley, with the assistance of his better half, had attempted multitudinous times to get Brandon the assistance he really wanted; but none of the medicines appeared to work.

Eventually, enslavement won and defeated Brandon who was only 31 then and taken excessively soon. Notwithstanding incalculable endeavors to emerge from compulsion’s hold, Brandon’s life finished unfortunately. Brandon’s story is an update that habit can strike anybody, paying little heed to financial foundation.

miley, who was near the young fellow, noticed that his family had thought he was getting better when he joined the congregation and went through submersion about a month before his less than ideal passing. This misfortune addresses the thought that one ought to never accept somebody is avoided from an ailment or substance use jumble since they appear to life have great emotionally supportive networks set up or even ostensibly “succeed” in. Basically habit is capricious and it doesn’t oppress financial level, age, orientation, race, or some other variable.

Rickey Smiley, the well known trickster and host of “The Rickey Smiley Show,” sadly got through the demise of his child, Brandon, back in January.

With an end goal to respect his late child’s memory, he mentioned sincere petitions for himself as well as Brandon’s mom, Brenda Morris, and their girl Tempest.

At the point when asked how he was overseeing while likewise lamenting, he uncovered that his grandparents had gone through a comparable involvement in his dad and that here he was again encountering a profound feeling of misfortune.

With misery still weighty on his heart yet a powerful urge to get back to work, Smiley explained that in spite of being once again working he ‘was not OK’, yet was doing all that could be expected in these unimaginably troublesome times.