Did Spencer Haywood Really Want To Kill Paul Westhead? Latest Winning Time Episode Show Him Putting A Hit On The Lakers

A few bits of hearsay say Spencer Haywood needed to kill Paul Westhead. The words coursed in the 10th episode of HBO’s Winning Time.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is another HBO show series that covers both the expert and individual existence of the Los Angeles Lakers players during the 1980s. They were perhaps the most dearest and predominant group. Spencer Haywood came into the spotlight after the arrival of episode nine of the show.


As per the show, the competitor has planned to bring down the entire lakers group as they removed him from the group. However, individuals keep thinking about whether it was created or on the other hand assuming that occurred.

Did Spencer Haywood Really Want To Kill Paul Westhead? Spencer Haywood’s aim of Killing Paul Westhead was uncovered after episode nine of HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of Lakers Dynasty was delivered. As per Hitc, Paul Westhead suspended the competitor, which set off Haywood to recruit some Detroit criminals to kill his mentor.

The competitor Spencer also known as Wood Harris, transforms into drugs in episode 8 of the series in the show. Following episode 9, Haywood fosters a cocaine compulsion, which his partners know nothing about.

Spencer Haywood Made A Hit On The Lakers Spencer Haywood made a hit in his group lakers, as he was removed, which caused him to feel deceived. Nonetheless, as referenced on the site, all that depicted on the show isn’t what has occurred, in actuality.

As displayed in an episode, Abdul-Jabbar informed Haywood that he wouldn’t be permitted to play in the finals. He felt sold out, and we watched him arranging an assault on his colleagues with a street pharmacist.

Hence, individuals accepted that he had made a hit over the Lakers, which was simply manufactured to make the show substantially more engaging.

Do Spencer Haywood Have Drug Addiction Problem? Spencer Haywood had an illicit drug use issue in the days, which drove him to lose his opportunity to contend in the finals. He was suspended yet not cut off from the group since he was tracked down resting during the training. However, after his suspension, he got.

As indicated by Seattleimes, his medication utilize incited the NBA to make an enemy of medication strategy. Also, he got taken out from the Lakers during the postseason. They didn’t allow him to accept his title cash or ring until he was announced sober six years after the fact. Moreover, during the 1980-81 season, he was prohibited from the association when he was playing in Italy.