Did Tanqr Do A Face Reveal? Real Name Liam Andrew Presland Revealed


Tanqr is a YouTuber and web-based entertainment star most popular for his eponymous YouTube channel, which he sent off on October 18, 2014. Fans are charmed regarding whether he has uncovered his face.

Tanqr’s generally centered around transferring content connected with the web based game creation framework Roblox, however he’s maybe most popular for his eponymous YouTube channel, which he sent off on October 18, 2014.


The web-based entertainment star at last started making Super Power Training Simulator content, or SPTS as he named it. TanqR’s channel developed emphatically because of stuff like this.

Did Tanqr Do A Face Reveal? Tanqr has, for sure, uncovered his face. His photos are effectively open on the web.

The web-based entertainment star began on YouTube on October 18, 2014, yet didn’t begin transferring recordings until a year after the fact. His manifestations are typically Roblox films, in spite of the fact that they weren’t intended to be Roblox manifestations, in any case.

Tanqr is one of the gamers with a decent expertise level. His principal game is Arsenal, which is regularly scrutinized and blamed for using programmers. These charges were false.

In the Roblox games KAT! furthermore, Murder Mystery 2, he has a lowkey skin case-opening habit. Brute, Jade, or Reaper are his #1 BedWars packs.

What Is Tanqr Real Name and Age? Liam Andrew Presland is the genuine name of Tanqr. He was born on December 31st, 1999, in England and is as of now 21 years of age.

OldManGamingHD is the name of his dad’s YouTube channel. He has a sister and a brother.

Liam’s a YouTuber from Australia who has some expertise in Roblox games like BedWars and Arsenal.

He’s likewise famous for involving killed decorations and YouTubers in his recordings (like Truth Behind The Lies, for which he took advantage of the now-renowned IeatLongPopsicle account). Leeyum, his second YouTube channel, additionally records Roblox games.

Tanqr Girlfriend Revealed In light of his online entertainment, Tanqr gives off an impression of being single and without a sweetheart. He could, in any case, be dating somebody and keeping it stowed away.

The web-based entertainment star made his most memorable video on October 16, 2017. That video was a montage of him playing Apocalypse Rising on Roblox while paying attention to the melody Achievement. Tanqr went to Let’s Plays after three extra montages.

In Arsenal, he leans toward the skin “Material Man,” which he for the most part involves in his movies. He has contended in the RB Rattles Championship Season 2 rivalry, winning it.

On an other record, he likewise plays the Roblox games KAT! what’s more, Murder Mystery 2.

Tanqr Net Worth Details Tanqr’s s assessed total assets is believed to be valued at $1 million. He has collected a significant fortune as a YouTube star. No matter what his age, he is perhaps the best getting young person.

The web-based entertainment star has over 2.6 million YouTube devotees, and he disperses intuitive recordings.