Did YouTuber Gabi DeMartino Breakup With Boyfriend Collin Vogt? Age Difference And Net Worth

Gabi DeMartino is an American YouTuber and recording craftsman who previously acquired noticeable quality close by her twin sister.

Gabriella Neilda DeMartino and her twin sister Nicola Teresa DeMartino initial acquired conspicuousness through their YouTube channel, Niki and Gabi.


They began their YouTube channel on September 4, 2012, and posted their most memorable video that very day. From that point forward, they have transferred 506 recordings, amassed 9.47 million endorsers, and earned in excess of a billion perspectives.

Other than being Youtubers, the two are vocalists, virtual entertainment forces to be reckoned with, and entertainers. They delivered their presentation expanded play called Person in 2018. Notwithstanding their joint efforts, the two additionally delivered performance singles, for example, Gabi’s presentation single, Ever Later, delivered in 2016, and Niki’s introduction single, Let It Thunder, delivered in 2018.


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The two set out alone in 2020, and from that point forward, Gabi has delivered her presentation broadened play, Gabroadway, on June 10, 2020, and her presentation studio collection, Compositions of Me, on May 6, 2022.

Did YouTuber Gabi DeMartino Separation With Sweetheart Collin Vogt? YouTubers Gabi DeMartino and Collin Vogt have tragically cut off their long friendship.

On June 1, 2022, DeMartino transferred a video on her channel, “extravagant websites by talk,” entitled I got defrauded, went to Cannes, and done getting hitched.

In the video, she expressed that her and Collin’s relationship was currently finished. As per the YouTuber, who was scheduled to wed at some point in May, she’d suffered from sudden anxiety as the date got ever closer.

The YouTuber further expressed that the more she mulled over everything, their way of life appeared to be contradictory. She expressed that she had her profession and life way to contemplate, which was going one way, and Vogt, then again, should have been home.

In spite of the suddenness with which their relationship finished, the YouTuber went to considerable lengths to guarantee her audience realized it was a shared choice. She further expressed that she and Vogt are still closest companions and respect the relationship definitely.

Be that as it may, as her life is at the present time, she feels really awkward wedding and has since parted ways with Vogt and is single.

However the Youtuber needs to get hitched sometime in the not so distant future, she doesn’t figure it will happen any time soon.

Gabi DeMartino And Collin Vogt’s Relationship History Collin Christopher Vogt, referred to just as Collin Vogt, began dating Gabi DeMartino on July 25, 2015.

Gabi was all the while dating Brandon Grube, her ex, when she met Collin Vogt. DeMartino dated from October 2010 till early July 2015. Subsequent to saying a final farewell to Grube, she quickly began dating Vogt. However some say that the dates cross-over, it is absolutely impossible to be aware.

They moved in together in late 2018 to a house in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They called the school, The Castaway Cabin.

The couple spent a ton of their relationship making arrangements for their future, as when they went to Bermuda for their fourth commemoration, Vogt and DeMartino anticipated having their second home there one day.


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These choices educated a ton regarding DeMartino’s content as well. In a video blog she delivered on August 9, 2019, called “I hurled during a costly back rub,” DeMartino uncovered that when she and Collin have kids, they need to bring them up in Bermuda.

Discusses commitment were occurring as soon as February 10, 2020, when DiMartino expressed in a question and answer video that Vogt would propose to ger soon.

He proposed to her on November 26, 2020, during Thanksgiving, in the room of their home. After the proposition, the two went to Gabi’s parent’s home for cake and champagne. The couple shared that when they had kids, they would name them Elowyn and Clara assuming they were young ladies and Eden and Waterway assuming that they were young men.

They should get hitched on an island and, on their special first night, head off to some place cold so they could see Aurora Borealis. Tragically, no part of that will at any point occur.

The amount Are Collin Vogt And Gabi DeMartino’s Age Distinctions? Gabi DeMartino was born on May 5, 1995, while Collin Vogt was born on February 24, 1997.

They are two years separated, with DeMartino being the more seasoned one. Their age distinction isn’t so huge, however they ridiculed it together.

Contrasted with Vogt, Brandon Grube, her ex, was more seasoned than Demartino. He was born on November 4, 1992, making him three years more seasoned.

Not at all like her relationship with Vogt, her relationship with Grube was considerably more full of betrayal and harmfulness.

They began dating in October 2010, as referenced above, at Notre Woman Secondary School. They’d met throughout the late spring, two months before the new school year began.

Their relationship was exceptionally charming and doggy lovelike during these early years. Grube requested that DeMartino go to his Senior Homecoming by giving her a stuffed canine, and they had their most memorable kiss while trusting that the transport will come.


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The relationship was additionally really healthy as DeMartino needed to ask her folks’ authorization before she could acknowledge Grube as her beau because of their age distinction.

In any case, the relationship would turn sour soon. By February 2011, Gabi became dubious of Brandon cheating yet expressed nothing because of a paranoid fear of losing him. In June of that very year, she found he was cheating.

Unusually, it was Grube who said a final farewell to DeMartino during Christmas break in 2011, yet they reunited in several days.

During April of DeMartino’s Most memorable year of school, her folks purchased Grube a Macbook, and keeping in mind that she was going through his Skype, the Youtuber found that Grube had one more sweetheart for north of nine months. By and by, Grube was the person who unloaded DeMartino, and she beseeched him to take her back.

He did, yet sooner or later, DeMartino needed to date another person, however Grube didn’t let her separation with him. Thus, they dated for some time without really being infatuated, and that is when Collin Vogt came to fruition.

DeMartino’s relationship with Vogt was shockingly tranquil, quiet, and healthy. There were no dramatizations in any way shape or form to similar scale as the ones she had with Grube, which makes the termination of Vogt and DeMartino’s friendship all that more troubled.

Is Gabi DeMartino Pregnant? Gabi DeMartino isn’t pregnant, and since she and Collin Vogt have separated, she may not be so for some time.

DeMartino has forever been vocal about needing kids. She and Vogt generally discussed kids on her channel and the number of they that needed. They even concocted names, as referenced above, and DeMartino made a huge number about the existence she had imagined with Vogt.

As a result of her commitment to building an existence with Vogt, individuals were shocked toward their relationship’s end. A few enthusiasts of both still experience issues processing that their number one big several has thrown in the towel.


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In any case, since the termination of their friendship was so neighborly, it has been more straightforward for most fans to process.

The amount Is Gabi DeMartino’s Total assets? Gabi DeMartino has a singular total assets of $1.5 million and an aggregate total assets of $6 million with her sister, Niki DeMartino.

She has procured most of her total assets through her two channels.

In the first place, there is the Niki and Gabi channel which has existed since September 4, 2012. The young ladies have made 506 recordings from that point forward and amassed 9.47 million endorsers.

The most well known video on the channel has amassed 47 million perspectives, and every one of the five most famous recordings has outperformed ten million perspectives.

Then, at that point, there is the “extravagant video blogs by prattle” channel what began on July 20, 2015. Since she began transferring recordings on the channel on July 22, 2015, DeMartino has transferred 471 recordings and amassed 3.15 million supporters.

How Does Gabi DeMartino Bring in Cash? Gabi DeMartino fundamentally brings in cash from her Youtube channel, however she likewise has a music and displaying profession.

In any case, DeMartino is a Youtuber, as a matter of some importance, and quite possibly of the longest-running and effective one. As somebody who has had a channel beginning around 2012 and two channels beginning around 2015, she has without a doubt procured a ton from Youtube’s AdSense.


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AdSense is the means by which Youtuber pays its content makers. How it functions is that content makers are paid $2 – $12 per 1000 adapted sees after Youtube takes its cut. The manner in which it works, content makers are paid more the more drawn out watchers watch the video.

This framework benefits DeMartino a ton in light of the fact that, as a vlogger, a large portion of her fans attempt to see and have a deep understanding of her life. Accordingly, they will attempt to observe a greater amount of the video.

Gabi DeMartino’s Vocation Income Judging stringently from her channel, Gabi DeMartino has made $5,439,807 in her YouTube profession.

Notwithstanding, this sum has been determined by computing her all out view count of 453,317,297 against $12 per 1000 adapted sees. The real sum is most presumably lower, yet at the same time in the large numbers. Then there is DeMartino’s channel with her sister.

The Niki and Gabi channel has amassed 1,331,180,277 perspectives, implying that it has acquired $15,974,163. Likewise with the past estimation, the genuine sum is presumably less, yet it is still during the several millions.


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Then, at that point, there is DeMartino’s displaying and music profession. She has 23,856 month to month audience members on Spotify, with her generally paid attention to tune approaching 1,000,000.

Ultimately, DeMartino is dynamic in a horde of virtual entertainment applications, all adapted. The online entertainment powerhouse is presumably bringing in cash for essentially existing.