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Dina Srinivasan is an American business person and antitrust researcher presently an individual partner with the Yale University’s Thurman Arnold Project.

She is viewed as or of the exceptionally mainstream characters in tech, however not everything she does is identifying with what all the big tech firms consider.

Without a doubt, Dina is most generally known for her continuous claim against big tech enterprises like Google, liable for utilizing advertisement trades to support their organizations.

Henceforth, with the claim against Alphabet Inc, she has become a much more exciting character on the current web.

Concerns in regards to her expert and individual life, including her better half, family, and different issue, are rising.

Dina Srinivasan is hitched to her significant other for a long while, yet there are no particular subtleties.

In fact, there is no data in regards to him expected for the way that he exists.

The previously mentioned reality that they have been together for a long while depends on the way that they have 4 kids together.

Indeed, Dina and her better half have 4 kids together, and they presently dwell in general family in the Bay locale, Northern California, the United States.

Likewise, there are no insights about her kids, anyplace on the web. In any case, taking a gander at a portion of her old pictures, it seems like she has 2 children and 2 girls.

Dina Srinivasan’s age is relied upon to be somewhere near 45 to 50 years of age.

Be that as it may, her precise age or date of birth isn’t uncovered at this point.

We have assessed his age dependent on her appearance and her experience working in the connected fields.

As to, she isn’t referenced on the stage yet, notwithstanding being a particularly well known character.

As referenced, she is a Fellow with the Thurman Arnold Project at Yale University.

Additionally, she is against the deeds of the tech goliaths and their command over promotion and its costs.

Also, she is a business person who has fabricated various organizations since the mid-1990s.

Dina Srinivasan may have a total assets of more than $5 million.

Since she is a renowned business visionary and character who has dealt with various stages for a long time, she unquestionably has a total assets of more than 5 million dollars.

No, Dina Srinivasan isn’t identified with Bhu Srinivasan.

They do have a similar last name and are identified with issue with big tech firms, business venture, and money, yet they don’t have any relationship with one another.

Discussing her relationship with different things, individuals are anxious to see whether she is identified with any Indian beginning or nationality.

All things considered, her family name makes it sound like she is ethnically Indian, however there is no particular proof with respect to this matter since she scarcely talks about this. Twitter account.