Dinner With Me Or 1 Million Dollars Cash- Ada Jesus Says As She Shares New Photos Online

Ada Jesus, a famous Instagram female humorist, has created a few responses from her fans and supporters after she transferred some new photographs on the web, she likewise subtitled her photographs with an intriguing inquiry.

The female jokester wore a pleasant tank top and a skirt with a high cut around one of the thigh districts, her outfit looked astonishing on her.


While sharing the photographs on her page, she inquired: “Supper with me or 1 million bucks cash?” Beneath is a screen capture of Ada Jesus’ Instagram post.

Her proposition appeared to be very delicious and she got various reactions from different big names, her Instagram fans, and her devotees.

While some of them picked the 1,000,000 bucks cash, others remarked that they would prefer to eat with her.

In the event that you had the chance to pick between the two choices Ada Jesus gave, which could you take? Could you go for the supper, or you will picked the money?