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Dino Tomassetti is a man from Hewlett Harbor, New York. He is a suspect in the shooting of his people on Christmas Day on Saturday. The episode occurred at their Sewabe Drive Home. Tomasseeti’s folks were harmed however they were alive when criminal investigators arrived at their home.

The two individuals were quickly taken to the closest emergency clinic. The officials followed the area of the shooter and observed that he was moving towards Cadillac Escalade. Police communicated the vehicle’s tag number and they reached the Mahwah police too. Officials from Mahwah PD followed the vehicle from New York Thruway.


To be additional mindful, they shut down the interstate too. Therefore, the suspect halted close to Ramapo Valley Road and gave up with practically no episode. Hewlett Shooting: Who Is Dino Tomassetti?

According to Pix11, Dino Tomassetti is a suspect from Hewlett Shooting on Christmas Day. He is a young fellow from Long Island. He was as of late captured by the police powers and held in authority without squeezing any charges.

According to the news sources, Dino purportedly shot his folks and ran from home. He escaped towards Cadillac Escalade and afterward to Mahwah. Nonetheless, the police authorities captured him hours after the fact and held him for a brief time. They have not yet accused him of anything.

Track down Dino Tomassetti Parents And Family Dino Tomassetti purportedly gunned his old guardians at their Sewabe Drive Home. His mom was shot in the head while his dad was shot in the middle and back. At the point when the police arrived at the scene, they were ready and alive.

They were raced to the closest medical clinic for therapy. Nonetheless, their wellbeing refreshes are yet to be uncovered. Later the occurrence, police presumed their child, Dino Tomassetti of shooting and captured him. Yet, the inspiration driving the shoot is as yet dark.

Dino Tomassetti Age: How Old Is He? Dino Tomassetti is matured 29 years of age in 2021. He was born in 1992 and brought up in New York. His genuine birthday subtleties are under the stone however he hails from Hewlett Harbor.

Then again, Dino’s mom is 64 years of age while his dad is 65 years. Dino Tomassetti Facebook Photos: Is He Arrested? Dino Tomassetti is making adjusts via web-based media locales like Facebook however his real photograph has not been delivered.

The police officers have captured and held him briefly as a suspect. They are yet to charge him and transfer his mugshot. Additionally, a point by point examination is expected. Till then, at that point, Tomasetti is only a presume who is blamed for the ruthless shooting of his folks on Christmas Day.