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Dionne Baugh conceded to the homicide of ex-darling Lance Herndon, an independent tycoon of Atlanta. Where is she now? We should discover.

The most recent scene of Investigation Discovery’s “Disdained: Love Kills” named The Millionaire Mistress displayed the ruthless homicide of tycoon Lance Herndon because of his more youthful sweetheart, Dionne Baugh.

Spear Herndon was murdered by his sweetheart in 1996. So now, on the off chance that you need to find out about this abhorrent homicide and the whereabouts of the killer, we have you covered.

An independent mogul and qualified lone ranger, Lance Herndon died at 41 years old. He was executed on account of his sweetheart, Dionne Baugh. As an obsessive worker, when he neglected to appear at work one fine day, his family and associates got stressed for him.

Name Dionne Baugh
Age 52
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Single
Children 1
Divorce Shaun Nelson

Along these lines, his mom minded him on August 8, 1996, just to discover him lying dead: beaten, bloodied, and bare. As proposed by reports, Lance died because of lethal blows on the back, front, and right half of his head.

Spear Herndon had a long speculate list, including his ex-sweethearts and admirers. Be that as it may, the police in the long run focused on in his new accomplice, Dionne Baugh.

Dionne Baugh, 27-year-old at that point, was engaged with an undertaking with Lance in spite of having a spouse and a little girl. Further investigating, it was uncovered that Lance needed to end things with Dionne. Evidently, this went poorly with the woman.

Indeed, Dionne was seen making a gigantic scene before his home, over and again slamming against his entryway simply a month prior to his demise. This drove Lance to call cops on her.

At first, because of an absence of proof on her, Dionne couldn’t get captured. Nonetheless, relative later guaranteed that Dionne had admitted to her about the homicide.

Supposedly, Dionne additionally confessed to being at Lance’s home the evening of the homicide. After this explanation, Dionne was promptly arrested. Upon additional examination, her DNA was likewise found under Lance’s fingernails.

In this way, Dionne was accused of the homicide of Lance Herndon and condemned to a lifetime in jail. Yet, she just served ten years. In the wake of serving her time, Dionne Baugh was delivered in 2011. It is accepted that she moved to Florida and Kansas for a concise period.

Dionne had at first bid her case. However, to dodge another public court appearance, she confessed to a diminished charge, serving ten years in jail and the following ten years waiting on the post trial process.

Upon her delivery, Dionne Baugh avoided the media consideration and is staying under the radar. Furthermore, when she was captured for the homicide of Lance, she was likewise in the center of a separation. Thusly, we may infer that her marriage has since a long time ago been finished.