Doggie Degas! Pup Who Paints Sells Art for Charity and Has Raised Thousands


Lisa Kite brought Australian shepherd little guy Ivy home quite a while back and knew as a matter of fact she’d have to keep her functioning canine occupied.

After Kite trained Ivy to bring drinks from a smaller than expected refrigerator and put coins in a stash, a companion proposed Ivy take a stab at painting — and she was a whiz.

“You would’ve thought she was strolling on the moon, how energized I was the point at which she painted her most memorable piece,” says resigned nurture Kite, 59, who supports Ivy’s once seven days propensity with a clicker and poached chicken treats.

Kite began quite a while back by putting an easel on the floor and empowering Ivy to utilize a tweaked brush to make strokes with watercolors. She in the long run graduated to Crayola children’s paints — “As a mother I stressed this would have been a genuine wreck,” says Kite — and presently involves acrylics for her bright manifestations. (Fun reality: her number one tone is blue!)

Soon after making an Instagram for Ivy, Kite got incalculable messages from supporters asking how they could purchase the craftsmanship. “Individuals from around the world are getting them — she’s offered to pretty much every mainland,” Kite says. “We’ve even had a shortlist.”

The little guy’s works sell through @ivykitetheaussie on Instagram, bringing somewhere in the range of $50 to $500, with all continues going to different foundations.

“I maintain that the workmanship should be available,” says Kite, who just saves assets for the materials and paints.

The pair raised enough during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic to give 15,000 lbs. of merchandise to food banks; in October they gave to Susan G. Komen for the Fix; creature good cause are incessant promoters; and they consistently give works and postcards to neighborhood schools.

“Her compositions frequently sell before I might post them available to be purchased,” Kite says, adding that Ivy even has a couple of gatherers because of her excited fanbase and a new establishment at a lodging display in midtown Charlotte. “She appears to be pleased and loves to show individuals.”

“I’m simply so pleased with her; it’s been a gift,” adds Kite. “Furthermore, she’s cheerful.”