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The killer of Donnal Jester was at long last captured. He was condemned to capital punishment on tenth February 1987.

He even composed a letter appeal to Governor George W. Shrubbery for a 30 days stay of execution. Yet, it was dismissed by Lt. Lead representative Rick Perry

Donna was 37 years of age when she was killed.

Donna was living in Lancaster with her 64-year-old supportive mother, Dalpha Lorene Jester was visually impaired and laid up.

Born July 15, 1953

Tom Green County, Texas
Died December 8, 1999 (aged 46)

Huntsville, Texas
Cause of death Executed by lethal injection
Conviction(s) Capital murder
Victims Unknown; confessed to involvement in seven deaths
  • Texas
  • California
Date apprehended
October 24, 1986

Another vagrant named Laura Lee Owens was likewise living with the Jesters. She was 20 years of age at the hour of the episode.

We can expect that Donna was of a good nature. She helped individuals however much she could without considering sick them.

David admitted to the court that the Jester family has some bizarre smell to it. He likewise imagined that there were dead bodies behind the house.

Since a long time ago grabbed hold of the ax out of frustration since he thought the ladies were scheming against his and Owens’ relationship.

As indicated by the examination report, every one of the three ladies of the house were killed with a blade and ax. The dead bodies were observed to be solely after two days of the homicide.

David at first argued not liable under the grounds of craziness. His lawyer assisted him with building guard including schizophrenia and announced head injury.

Long additionally gave the observer that a portion of his activities were a result of his ownership by Satan. The therapist accepted he was daydreaming because of liquor withdrawal.

A homicide warrant was given against David Martin Long in 1986. He was accused of the primary degree murder of three ladies in the house he was living in.

Here is the dateline that prompts the homicide of three guiltless ladies.

On nineteenth September 1986, David was removed from the Alcohol Rehabilitation Program of Little Rock and began catching a ride. Donna gave him a ride in her vehicle and permitted him to remain at her home in Lancaster, Texas.

David began living in the house in return for the fixing works. He at last fostered a close connection with Laura during his visit.

On 27th September, Long killed Donna and Dalpha first. At the point when Owens got back home to find the crime location she attempted to escape yet oh well she was additionally succumbed to kill.

In the wake of carrying out the wrongdoing, David was captured for savored driving Leon City. Police found the dead bodies that very day he was delivered.

David was being investigated in 1987. He was sentenced for homicide on seventh February 1987.

Donna Sue Jester doesn’t have her very own Wikipedia profile. Be that as it may, she has been highlighted on the Wikipedia of David Martin.

She is one of the casualties of the Lancester murder case.