Donnell Hicks Death Cause and Murder Suspect Revealed


Donnell Hicks was a CVS worker who seemed, by all accounts, to be filling in as a senior supervisor at CVS Health in Peachtree City. According to a Linkedin profile, Hicks has been related with CVS since March 2018. Before that, he functioned as a chief group pioneer at Target from July 2016 to February 2018.

At present, Hicks is standing out as truly newsworthy on the web after his demise news surfaced. For your data, as of late, a shooting episode occurred in Peachtree City on Wednesday in which one individual was harmed and one was killed. The dead individual is accounted for to be Donnell Hicks.

Georgia: CVS Employee Donnell Hicks Died In Shooting? Donnell Hicks was a CVS representative who died following a deadly shooting that occurred in Peachtree City on Wednesday. In addition, Peachtree City police, at around 7:40 a.m., addressed the CVS drug store on Ga. Roadway 54 East and Lexington Circle about an individual conceivably shot.

The news was shared by the Peachtree City Police Department representative Chris Hyatt. He said that one male casualty was tracked down dead before the store, and it was distinguished as Donnell Hicks.

The police division uncovered that Hicks was a CVS representative. Also, the store was shut today as police restarted their manslaughter examination. Some report says no other individual was harmed in the shooting in the retail region opposite the Publix Shopping Center and inside strolling space of McIntosh High School.

Donnell Hicks Death Cause and Murder Suspect Revealed We can say that Donnell Hicks’ reason for death is from wounds he experienced discharges. He was killed in Peachtree City at his work environment. The homicide suspect, Marlon Jones, was arrested.

In the interim, the shooting occurred beyond the store on Lexington Circle. The police division has uncovered that the suspect and the casualty knew one another. They are still in the examination stage, yet it is accepted to be homegrown related.

One observer said he heard the discharges as the gunfire went off in a bustling mall off Floy Farr Parkway, not a long way from McIntosh High School. Officials said the suspect remained on the scene after the shooting, and in the wake of calling 911, he told the dispatcher he shot the man.

Track down Donnell Hicks Age The period of Donnell Hicks was 35 years at the hour of his demise. Additionally, Hicks seemed, by all accounts, to be living in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Not much is been aware of his initial life or family foundation, yet we are certain that they are profoundly devasted by the passing of their part.

Discussing his instructive foundation, Hicks went to Sanford Seminole secondary school. From that point forward, he went to Ashford University, where he procured his single man’s and Masters’ certificate.

Donnell Hicks Was Married To His Wife Moving into his own life, Donnell Hicks was accounted for to be a hitched man. According to his Linkedin bio, he was hitched and furthermore had children. Notwithstanding, their names have not been imparted to the media yet.

Right now, more examination is going on, and we will refresh you soon with the exact news.