“Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Hustle” – Peter Okoye Says

Nigerian vocalist, Peter Okoye took to his Instagram stories segment on Monday, October 17, 2022, and imparted a couple of uplifting statements to his fans.

In the post, the honor winning vocalist and individual from the music bunch, P-square, encouraged his fans to invest heavily in the things they accomplish professionally. As we probably are aware, certain individuals dread being peered down on in light of the fact that they’re not glad for their positions.


As per Peter Okoye, regardless of how little one thinks their occupation is, the main thing is having the option to give a few fundamental requirements without relying upon others.

The famous vocalist likewise brought up that assuming an individual has no kind of revenue, individuals may not take up their obligations.

As would be natural for him, “don’t be embarrassed about your work or hustle. No one will take care of you on the off chance that you lose everything. Recollect that”. The persuasive message was ideal for the start of the new week.

Peter Okoye is generally perceived for a few exemplary melodies, as well as his moving abilities.