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Noack established Blue Membranes GmbH in 1999 and Vinna AG in D-56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen in 2004, both with accomplices to deliver and market purported nutraceuticals utilizing food innovation cycles and nanotechnology.

Noack has petitioned for 30 licenses, as indicated by its records. In any case, an inquiry turns up only 13 patent applications that might be credited to Andreas Noack. These are basically layer based innovations for the partition and cleaning of fluid combinations.

From 2000 to 2007, none of these applications brought about a patent being allowed, and the cycles have now finished. There is no authority data about Dr. Andreas Noack’s vanishing.

In 2020, he was captured by the police in what seems to be an outrageous break of his common freedoms. Albeit the reason for his capture is obscure, he was secured while live-real time on YouTube from his home.

At the point when he went live on his YouTube channel, the cops burst into his home. Dr. Andreas Noack doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page. Many destinations like psiram.com have given his full life story.

Noack was likewise displayed as an expert in elective clinical oxygen medication, or “monoatomic gold.” He was the administrator of the Ursprunc eV association, arranged in Langenzenn, D-90579.

Noack depicted himself on the German-speaking Internet as an advocate and vender of orthomolecular medication things, for example, supposed nutraceuticals, salts, and weighty metals. He accepted exclusively useful wellbeing pertinent ramifications for people.

Also, he has recently showed up in projects gave to reality and activities committed to the advancement of fear inspired notions, like Conscious. Jo Conrad’s TV is a work of fiction.

Dr. Andreas Noack’s real reason for death hasn’t been uncovered to the general population at this point. As indicated by indistinguishable Internet reports, Noack died on November 26, 2021 (Twitter, Telegram, Youtube). “Breathing issues” was given as the clarification.

Many reports have excited that, as he talked about graphene hydroxide and its deadly outcomes on the human body, he was killed by cops in a savage astonishment strike.

These bits of gossip are yet to be affirmed. At the hour of composing this article, the personality and family data of Dr. Andreas Noack’s significant other was left hidden.

His web-based media accounts likewise don’t uncover any data about his own life to his fans. Numerous specialists are endeavoring to more deeply study it. This site will be refreshed when the proper affirmation is gotten. Dr. Andreas Noack’s age is as yet stowed away from the media at this point. Hir birthdate and birth area still needed to be affirmed.