Drag Queen Brice Williams aka Anastasia Diamond Arrested For Child Abuse, Here Is The Complete Story


Brice Williams also known as Anastasia Diamond has quite recently been captured and accused of 25 counts of crime for the ownership of youngster sexual entertainment.

Brice Williams who is otherwise called their drag name, Anastasia Diamond has as of late been captured by the police for the ownership of kid porn. The capture put on a show of being a stunner as no one had seen this approaching and his fans and companions are totally stunned to bear the news.


Williams, a HIV clinical caseworker from Keystone Health Center situated in Chambersburg uses both male and female pronouns.

What Was Drage Queen Brice Williams otherwise known as Anastasia Diamond Arrested For? Following a two-year examination by the Attorney General’s Office, a Pennsylvania cross dresser has been captured with 25 charges of youngster erotic entertainment, as per Tri-State Alert.

25 counts of crime class 2 youngster porn and 18 counts of unlawful utilization of a media transmission office have been brought against Brice Patric Ryschon Williams of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. At Franklin County Corrections, Williams is being confined on a $100,000 bail.

In the wake of finding kid porn on a Dropbox, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children cautioned the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Child Predator Section in May 2020. Specialists found 49 documents showing minors taking part in sexual exercises as a result of the request.

As per the source, a summon was recorded to hold onto the Comcast ISP address connected to the Dropbox that was accounted for as having a place with an Anastasia Diamond, or Ana D.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent 10 extra youngster explicit documents transferred by a similar person to the AG’s office in July 2020. Nine out of the ten records that were given included kid porn, as per the test.

Investigate Anastasia Diamond Child Abuse Charges Anastasia was captured for ownership of youngster porn. The cross dresser was not captured for the actual maltreatment of any youngsters and there are no charges connected with maltreatment of a kid.

Specialists found 135 kid obscene records on Ana D’s Dropbox account, including the ones that had recently been accounted for to the AG’s office. One extra video showing small kids having intercourse was added to the assistance in December 2020.

The nom de plume “D” was truly Brice Williams’ cross dresser stage name, Anastasia Diamond, as FBI Special Agent Nye learned. On June 22, 2022, Williams was confined.

Albeit Special Agent Nye expressed that sum is just a little inspecting of the unequivocal sexual documents they found on Williams’ gadgets, the examiners found 25 films of youngster porn on Williams’ telephone after his capture, as indicated by the source.

Williams admitted to searching for, having, and trading youngster erotic entertainment in 2014 while being kept by policing.

How Did The Fans React Following Anastasia Diamond Arrest? The news circled through Reddit where it was posted that Anastasia was captured for the belonging and sharing of kid sexual entertainment.

The fans were totally stunned at the news and communicated their interests in regards to the circumstance through the Reddit post. It didn’t take long for the news to flow all through the online entertainment stages.

The fans were disturbed at the information and made sense of the fact that they are so stunned to hear such horrendous news about somebody in the LGBTQ people group who has been a vocal supporter for the LGBTQ public.

While Anastasia’s loved ones are yet to put out a public response to the circumstance, the fans are totally nauseated at Diamond’s way of behaving.