“Drowning encompasses the emotions of passions and euphoria”: In conversation with Radha Rao on her upcoming single, Drowning

Recollect Radha Rao, the youthful 22-year-old young lady who sang Every last bit of Me in the city of Boston, and the symbol himself, John Legend, came over to hear her perform? Jump to 2 years after the fact, and the viral R&B artist is presently good to go to deliver her most recent single, Suffocating, which is about the range of clashing feelings as one falls head over heels.

Being a R&B vocalist and musician from Boston, Radha Rao is an Indian-American who promises to communicate her feelings through the craft of her singing. Set to be delivered across numerous stages on Friday, February 10, Suffocating bases on the feelings of enthusiasm and rapture one encounters when in adoration.


Aside from singing her heart out, Radha Rao has sought after Money from Boston College’s Questrom Institute of Business. The sprouting craftsman has gotten acknowledgment from John Legend, however different symbols like Jason Derulo and Willow Smith have additionally valued her work and her melodic love for singing.

In a restrictive meeting with SK POP’s Srishti Marwah, Radha Rao focused on her new melody, Suffocating, her songwriting cycle, and her life as a performer, in addition to other things.

“I’m generally motivated to compose music when I feel uplifted feelings”: Radha Rao discusses her motivation, the songwriting system, and considerably more
Q1) Could you at any point take us through the essential idea and the songwriting system behind your most recent melody, Suffocating?

Radha: I composed Suffocating to communicate the heap of clashing feelings I explore as I become hopelessly enamored. In the beginning phases of a relationship, I will generally conceal my weakness in the engine of a solid outside to shield myself from likely agony.

My melody includes this headspace, alongside the feelings of enthusiasm and happiness experienced whenever I’ve let my gatekeeper down and opened myself to encounter the ecstatic profundities of captivation and love. I trust this track hits home for audience members who experience comparable feelings in their excursion of falling head over heels.

I at first tracked down the beat for this track on an application called Voisey, where vocalists compose over a determination of beats. I paid attention to the beat, which was created by 6, and quickly got roused to compose a stanza and a snare on it.

From that point, I had the option to reach out to a maker and compose the rest over the next day. The increase in motivation constrained me to make a beeline for the studio and record an idea, which at last prompted the culmination of Suffocating.

Q2) As a craftsman, when do you feel the most enlivened to compose? Does it likewise assist you with passing your feelings on through tunes and verses?

Radha: I’m generally motivated to compose music when I feel elevated feelings – as a rule, communicating my thoughts in the midst of agony and misery is the point at which I feel generally propelled to channel my energy into craftsmanship. Subjects of adoration and shock are many times what I center around, and I love keeping in touch with more obscure beats that make a late-night climate.

Q3) Is there a particular arrangement of audience that will reverberate with the tune, Suffocating?

Radha: I accept R&B fans who partake in any semblance of Bryson Turner, Summer Walker, and Sadé would resound with Suffocating.

Q4) Enlighten us concerning your life as a performer, and how has it changed since your video with John Legend became a web sensation.

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Radha: Life has been inventive and unconstrained since I performed for John Legend. As the clasp acquired consideration across media sources and online entertainment stages, I’ve acquired fantastic chances to perform unrecorded music at new extravagance properties, eateries, and bars in the Boston region.

This experience has urged me to plunge further into music, team up with new makers and performers, and obviously, keep imparting my enthusiasm to audience members from around the world!

Radha Rao has likewise prodded the melody a piece on her web-based entertainment, thus far, her fans has cherished all of it. The tune is good to go to be delivered on Friday, February 10, on generally streaming stages.